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Best ways to make money online : Teach yourself about money

make money online

Money money money !!! everyone wants to earn money . we have compiled the internet and found few ways where you can make money easily. all methods are free . best ways to make money online is here .

Best ways to make money online :

For making money online you must need a laptop or mobile , internet connection .

1.) Become youtuber :

Youtube is the biggest platform to earn money . First think what is you niche , on that niche you can make videos . upload videos to youtube and start earning . add youtube account with google adsense and earn money .

2.) Affiliate marketing :

Many shopping companies like flipkart , amazon, ebay  gives commission when you sell their product . go to respective website. Join their affiliate , promote their product , if someone buys , you will earn money . you can either withdraw money to bank accounts or you can either get gift voucher .

3.) Dream 11 :

You may have heard about dream 11 . This is website as well as mobile application . All you need is create you team , join leagues and earn money . This website/app needs some money to join league . You refer to your friend about dream 11 and get 100 rs when your friend plays . after that you can play dream 11 fantasy cricket. You can withdraw money to bank accounts or you can play cricket with that money .


dream 11
dream 11 leagues .


4.) Buy and sell domains :


This method will need some money . you have to buy domain name first , after that you can sell website names , according to your choice . There are many website like go daddy , who will sell your website . If your domain name is right and has appeal you will earn money .


5.) Make website and earn money


This method will also take some money from your pocket . buy domain name first , this will take 100/- rs approx for one year . 100/- rs doesn’t matter . Choose free hosting service provider like 000webhost , upload your website and post awesome content and earn money .

Monetize website with google adsense , chitika and many more ad companies . this will give you millions of money per month .

You can also promote your affiliate marketing products on your website . Website is great platform to earn money .


6.) Fiverr and Upwork


These two website is great for talented people . If you know how to code , how to use wordpress , how to make logo , how to make videos , how to write articles , how to do SEO , how to write quality post , how to provide backlinks .

Than these two website is great for you . you can earn lots of money with these two website , if you have talent .

You can write your post for 3$ even more , according to you talent . you can earn up to 1000$  a day or 2 day .

you need to make awesome  profile and earn money .



There are many more website ,  where you can make money online ,i will write in next post .

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