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Fake website list INDIA | You must know about these fake website

fake website list

Digital India is trending , but there are some website in INDIA which provides mostly fake news , they also provide truth but most of the time they provide fake news . I have found some few websites which spread fake news in INDIA. Check out the fake website list of INDIA . These websites are the cancer to the mind as well as they ruin the originality .

These are  propaganda website :

These websites are generally linked with some political parties .They spreads lots of propaganda . These are cancer to the society . People think that , this is website , there must have truth inside , but truth is far-far behind . These website also share truth but most of the time it is propaganda .

Some propaganda website share everything about hinduism , Narendra modi and against other religion , also some muslim website share everything related to muslim , against narendra modi’s failure . mostly are propaganda . They also spread truth , but what is the value of truth when you spread most of the time propaganda . Spreading hatred towards other religion , Not condemning others who spread hate .  Thats why  these website are in this list . 

These propaganda websites play with mind , If you are hindu , they will make you to hate muslim , if you are muslim they will make you to hate hindus . These website wash people’s brain .


Fake website list :


How to spot these kind of website :

Well , propaganda and fake website have one thing is common , that is their information . They will try to show their religion , political party , people are best . There is nothing wrong for spreading information about religion , political party  but it is wrong to show disrespect to other religion , people or any political party . They show propaganda to win election and trust of people .

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List is very small , I am trying to find many more websites in INDIA which spreads fake news .Still searching for fake website list in india , like these . If you have any name , provide in comment section.

Note : They also share original news but mostly they post fake news . 

If you find anything wrong , please feel free to correct .

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