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Online educational website | You must visit

online educational wesbite

In the era of digital world , everyone wants to be online . There are many website which teach us online . These Online educational website always helps us . Some online courses are free and some educational websites are not free . These online classes will help you to boost your knowledge . I have compiled the internet and i have found some cool learning websites .


1.) w3schools :

This website will master you to the web development courses . you will find from beginner level to master level web development education .

This website includes HTML, CSS, PHP , , Javascript , J query , Angular JS , MySQL and many more .

These online courses are free of cost .

You can purchase degree here too . This website will help you to master in web development and web design . This website is best for online education .



2.) khan academy 


This website is run by Sal Khan . This website includes physics, chemistry , maths , computer science ,finance , arts , commerce ,biology  , arts and humanity .

This website also includes test preparation like SAT , IIT JEE , MCAT , GMAT .

This website is one of the best free online course website . You can learn from beginner to advanced level . This include video tutorial as well as documentation .


khan academy

3.) Coursera


This website is not free . They are internet’s largest online educational website .

But you can learn for free buy applying financial aid , who can not afford to buy courses  . You will find this section on the left side . Learn more and free section .

Select any course , after opening the course you will see , following image on the left side . Apply , give full details . wait for 1 week . They will approve . Check emails regularly .

This is largest online course . you will find this useful . take a look .

4.) hacker rank


hacker rank is online best coding competition website , this website will teach you and make you the best programmer . this website include millions are programs , you can practice online . you can also take part in coding contest . this website is completely free.

hacker rank

5.) TED


TED stands for Technology , Entertainment and Design . they have slogan of  ” Ideas worth sharing ” . TED is a media organisation , which posts talks on their website as well as on youtube .

TED talks are entertaining , inspiring , motivational videos . Top highly qualified people spread their  ideas across the globe  .

These talks are absolutely free of cost . Must watch videos . Highly educational videos .




There are many more website , which I will include in next post . stay updated .



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