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5 things about google you will hate after knowing them

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Google is world’s number one search engine , there is no doubt about it that everyone loves google . But there is quote that says there is bad in every good things . Google is not an exception. Google has bad things as well as bad things . You will hate google after knowing these secrets .

Getting job in google is tough , because is world’s number 1 everywhere you go . you will get only few people who doesnot want to work with google .




5 things about google , you will hate after knowing them

1.) Overqualified : Google gives job to highly qualified people , but they give very small job to them . according to their talent , its insult to that kind of people .

2.) Office Politics : Politics is everywhere , google’s office is no longer safe to politics .If work under good boss then your promotion is fixed but if your boss is ugly then there is no chance of promotion . you have to be careful .

3.) troublemaker engineer :  Google is no exception to it . Google has too many engineers of such kind . They have ego of theirselves . They think they are the the best engineers in the world . You will find difficulty , while working with them.

4.) Non-Existent :  Google is very big company . Do all the important work for this company , you wont have profit . I mean your hardwork has no value . Your name will be ghost always . Only google will earn name not you . You wont get any recognition .

5.) Engineering degree important :   Google gives extra attention on product engineering degree. no matter if that engineer dont know anything about designing . google some products like orkut , Buzz , Dodgeball  , Google video failed .


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