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What is Amazon Prime ? How to be member of Amazon prime ?

amazon prime

What is Amazon Prime ? How to be member of Amazon Prime member or what are benifits of it ? Today we will discuss about it . Amazon has launched Amazon prime service . It was available in USA now it is available in more than 100 cities . Amazon is an E-commerce company , millions of people shop online daily . Amazon Prime membership is popular  in USA , now it is becoming popular in India too. If you dont have any idea about it , than read the whole information carefully . You will get all the information .


Amazon is world’s biggest E-commerce company and people from all over the world shop here . Many  website like,, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc . sell their product online .You can easily shop from home.

Amazon is world’s number one company . It is quite popular in INDIA . Amazon Prime is popular because of its benefits . If you shop online than this post is helpful for you . Here we will talk about Amazon prime’s benefit and how to be member of Amazon prime .

What is amazon Prime ?

Very people know about Amazon prime , or what are its benifits . Amazon offers premium services to prime members .

Whenever you shop from amazon . You have to pay delivery charges , but when you are prime member than , you wont have to pay extra delivery charge or any other extra charge .

According to this service , after joining prime membership , you can buy any product without any charges . You only have to pay for your product.

In short Amazon Prime , is Amazon company’s special service that provides extra facilities .

You have to take membership from Amazon ,you have sign up and subscribe to amazon prime services . You have to pay earlier . but Amazon gives you free trail for 30 days .  Earlier it was 60 days . After that time you have to pay for membership .


Benefits of Amazon Prime Membership

If you want to join amazon prime membership than you must have question that how to join prime service and what are its benefits , well dont worry about that , we are going to tell you everything in detail . This service is becoming famous in india too .

Amazon prime benifits
pic credit : amazon

Earlier you had to pay extra amount for fast delivery , after prime membership you dont have to pay extra . You will get fast delivery and free delivery .

1.) Free One Day Delivery : Earlier you had to pay 100/- rs for one day delivery , after membership , you will get this service free. It is like you are going to shop in mall . Free delivery is available for eligible address only.

2.) Free Two Day Delivery : Earlier you had to pay 100/- to 500/- rs to amazon . Now you will get free delivery in two-day delivery too. It is also for eligible address .

3.)Discount Same-day delivery :  You will get discount of 50 rs on same day delivery .

4.) Discount on morning delivery : You will get discount of 50 rs on morning delivery .

5.) Discount on Scheduled Delivery : This service is amazing , whenever you want the service , you will get . You will get 50/- rs discount on this service too.

6.) No Minimum Order value for FREE Standard Delivery :  You may remember , in earlier days you had to pay 40-50 rs for less than 500/- product . If you join Amazon Prime than you can buy anything below 500/- for free delivery . You won have to pay any extra charge .

7.) Prime Early Access : You will get early access to every product that comes on Amazon. You will get 30 minutes earlier access to some products . You can buy 30 minutes earlier . Non-prime member have to wait . You will limited discount t00.

8.) Prime Video :  You will unlimited movies, video streaming . You will get TV shows , movies , award winning movies and TV shows from all over the world . you will get amazon original videos on Prime .


These are the benefits of Amazon prime membership . There are many more benefits . you can check on this page .  Visit Prime  , for all the details .


amazon prime


How to become Amazon Prime Member : 

First of all go to website . After that you will see Try Prime option on top left corner , see above pic . Click there . You will see here ” Grab the best deals and get FREE fast delivery ” and Start Your 30 day Free Trial banner .

Step 1 : 

First of all click on Try prime on top left corner of the website .If you are using mobile user , than open your amazon app.

  1. Below Amazon logo , click on Try Prime .
  2. click on Start your 30-day free trial button


amazon prime


Step 2 : 

You will see login page . You have create new account . so click on “Create your Amazon Account ” . If you are already a Amazon user than just log in .

After clicking on create your new account : you will to following page .

create new amazon account


Fill all the blanks carefully . after clicking continue , you have to verify your mobile number . they will send an OTP , you have to verify your mobile number . After verifying , you are member of Amazon Prime .



Your service will be free for one month. After that you have to pay 499/- Per Year . This is amazing . 499/- per year for unlimited service . This is pure amazing . You can use your shopping card for payment .

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