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Avatar 2 delayed | Director James Cameron in no hurry and not worried

Avatar 2

Avatar 2 is delayed again . Avatar 2 director James Cameron is not worried about delay of the film . This film is sequel to movie 2009 Avatar . This film is under construction since 2010 . Movie is delayed many times , Director James Cameron is leaving no stone to make this movie great .

avatar 2


James Cameron is time taking director


Cameron is such type of director who takes time . He wants perfection in his movie . Over his 40 years Career , He has directed only 8 movies which are :

Piranha 2 : The Spawning 

The terminator 


The Abyss 

Terminator 2 : Judgement day

True Lies




He took almost 15 years to complete his movie Avatar , and it is taking almost 11 years to complete Avatar 2 . Avatar was released in 18 December 2009 . It has been delayed numerous times . Now Avatar 2 is releasing on December 2020 .

Avatar broke each and every record . People are eagerly waiting for the sequel of the movie , But they dont know when . Director Cameron decided to release the movie in December 2020 , following sequel will come in 2021 , 2024 , 2025 .

Director James Cameron told CNN that  he is not worried about the delay of the movie . In Hollywood delay is viewed as negative point , but this is not the concern for director Cameron . He is not worried about the long gap between Avatar and Avatar 2 .

This film was originally scheduled for releasing in 2014 ,with another sequel , he wanted to expand the story for new sequel , but delayed . Again it was scheduled to release in 2016 , but delayed again . After that they tried to meed their scheduled date in Dec 2018, but they failed again , now they have decided to release in December 2020 . Hope this time everything is well with Avatar 2 .

last year Cameron told , he is making more sequel . So he gave final release date of all the sequel .

Key release dates :

Avatar 2 release date : 18 december 2020

Avatar 3 release date : 17 december 2021

Avatar 4 release date : 20 december 2024

Avatar 5 release date : 19 december 2025


Cast of Avatar 2 :

Sam Worthington as Jack Sully

Zoe Saldana as Neytiri

Joel David Moore as Norm Spellman


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