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Bluehost india affiliate marketing program | Earn money with Bluehost

Hello Friends, today i am going to tell you about bluehost  india affiliate marketing program . I will tell you how to earn money other than adsense. Affiliate marketing is the best source after Adsense. About all companies uses affiliate marketing . Many tech website uses affiliate marketing to earn money . Bluehost india provide affiliates too , from which you can earn money . You can earn money by promoting your hosting service . You can earn money by promoting bluehost india affiliate program . I will tell you about bluehost here .


bluehost india affiliate marketing programme



Why Choose Bluehost India Affiliate ?


High commission per sale 4000 Rs per sale

Real time tracking

provide quality banner and links

Give every month coupons

They easily approve everyone for affiliate


How to join Bluehost India Affiliate Program ?


First off all you have to sign up for Bluehost affiliate  . Click on start now button and fill all the details .  Buy hosting and domain after that join affiliate program .

You will need a website to promote affiliate links . You can choose banners , links . Promote it and you will get money .

Track your sale : 

Whenever someone joins through you affiliate link , you will receive an email . You can see how many people clicked on your link , how many impression you get . Every details will be in your dashboard .

Bluehost provides cookie duration for 30 days . If someone clicked your link , and didn’t buy on that time , if he/she purchased hosting from bluehost within 30 days , you will get commission . This is amazing .


How much money you will get ?


You will get 4000/- INR on per sale . If you sale too many links , than you can increase your commission by contacting affiliate manager .


How you can withdraw money ?


You can directly transfer your money to your bank . Minimum payout is 10,000/- INR .

You will get automatic transfer , when you will reach your minimum payout .


How to promote Bluehost India affiliate for maximum earning ?

Whoever reading this post , you must have joined bluehost or you want to join blue host . First off all , for promoting any affiliate link , you must know how to promote link .


1.) Write Reviews content about hosting providers


This is one of the best method for promoting . You can review each hosting provider , and tell people , each and every thing in details . You can write about its features , service , why should you use etc .  If you give review , you get traffic to your blog too . use your affiliate link while reviewing .


2.) Place banner in your website / blog


Bluehost india affiliate provides banner and links . you can place banner in your blog . You can share your links through email or social media .


3.) Write discount code post : 


Bluehost always emails you discount code . You can post it , on your blog and give all the details in your website . Many people see discount coupon .


4.) You can use Adwords and Facebook 


If you want to increase your sale , than use facebook or adwords to to promote you affiliate link . You can advertise .

Facebook provides you easy advertising and also cheap . Boost post in facebook , your boosted post will reach to many people .

Adwords is costly , but best for right audience . You may loose money , if you didn’t use right keywords .


5.) Make youtube Videos : 


You can give reviews to blueshot india affiliate marketing . People easily understand video . Maximum user prefer youtube videos . so try to give best reviews . and give affiliate link in Description box or in comment section .

Join blue host by clicking here  : Join Bluehost 


Final words :

Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online . You can earn millions on internet . So keep trying and dont give up .

If you find any kind of wrong information , please feel free to email @ commonroom.official@gmail.com 

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