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Why bollywood is garbage | Must read

Bollywood garbage

India is world’s most producing country ever. They make movies more than america . India makes movies in too many languages like Hindi , English , Bengali , Tamil , Telugu , Punjabi , Gujrati , Bhojpuri , Malyali , Marathi . There are also some unknown language that makes movies in India . But most of the time movies are filled with garbage . Specially bollywood , Why bollywood is garbage ? i will explain each and every point in detail . Tamil/Telugu language movies are becoming more popular and they are making much more good and innovative kind of movies.


Why bollywood is garbage ?

Bollywood is garbage because of many reason . Director , actor , producers suck all the time . There are few director actors , that make really good movies .But most of the time they think of money . Art is no where seen in the film , they make films just to earn money , not to please people .

1.) Lake of Innovation :

Bollywood lakes innovation . They mostly copies from hollywood . South Indian movies copies from hollywood and after that bollywood copies tollywood . There are more than hundreds of movies which are copied from hollywood or their scene are copied from hollywood . They not only copies from just hollywood , they copies from other regional movies too , like bengali movies , malyali movies . Bengali movies are one of the best movies of India .

Many director like Farah Khan , Sirish kunder , Prabhu deva , Vijay Acharaya krishnan , Rohit shetty , Indra kumar , Sazid khan , Ram gopal verma , Puneet verma , Rakesh Roshan , Anubhav sinha , Anurag Basu there are many more shit directors india has . Not just in bollywood shit directors are also in tollywood .


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Actor like salman khan , Akshay Kumar , Ajay devgan depends on Remake of either south indian movies or Hollywood movies . Salman khan is one the worst actor in Indian cinema , but his movies earns more than 200 Crore in India , how ? because people like shit things .


Movies like Dilwale , PRDP , Kick , Happy New Year , Dhoom 3 ,Race , Ra.One,  Grand masti , Dabanng 2 , Bodyguard , Ready , Ek tha Tiger , these shit movies earns more in India .

Most of the scenes are copied from hollywood . actions scenes, posters , songs are copied from hollywood . Why they copy ? because they are too lazy and they are full with garbage . They dont have thier own mind to think . They always lack creativity .

Be it Aamir , Salman , Shahrukh , Akshay , Ajay everyone’s movies some scene or poster  are copied from somewhere else . What can we expect more from these actors or directors ? they only copy from others . They simply lack innovation  .

2.) Money talks

Money is the important factor in every bollywood movies , people see money as success . People always talk about how much money it earned . If it earned money than its good movie .

Many movies movies like Dhoom 3 , All salman’s movie after 2010 , Dilwale , Happy new year , Houseful series, Shivaay , Ae dil hai muskil . They made millions of money . But there is similarity in all movies . What is that ? Similarity is that ,  all movies are garbage . but they earned money .

99% movie of salman khan are overrated still He is superstar in India . Why ? because people like shit things .

3.) Why Bollywood is garbage ? Because people like garbage

Why bollywood still making garbage film like half girlfriend , Badri ki dulahniya  etc ? Why they are still making shit movies ? Answer is people like shit things , Indian people have habit of liking shit things like Feku Narendra modi . No matter what , you have to like it . People makes movie hit , thats why producers only make garbage film .

They dont need to make any film which have good story line or great VFX or great action scenes, people dont like good movies .

Best example is Shah Rukh Khan’s swadesh and FAN . Both movies flopped at box office . Why ? Because people need entertainment , both movies lack entertainment . Swadesh is one of the best movies in Indian cinema which depicts Indian Caste system . but it flopped at box office . shame to people .



Pic Credit : SRK


Movies of manoj bajpayee , Nawazuddin siddique , Irrfan khan , Raj Kumar Rao are failing at the box office . They make sensible movies based on real life . But their movies fail always . because people only like salman khan type film .


Not getting award is also the main reason :

Bollywood directors also makes garbage fim due to not getting national award or filmfare award . Actor like Akshay kumar won national award just because he shows patriotism in his movies . Actors like Nawazuddin , Manoj , Sushant , Nana Patekar were completely ignored by National award . This is also the main reason , why bollywood makes garbage film .

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Final words :

There are many more reasons , why bollywood is garbage , this post will continue . If you find anything wrong about this article . Report to the admin . you will get email address at about us section . comment is necessary .

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