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Who is Dhinchak Pooja ? Topic of Roast ?

Dhinchak pooja , you may be listening to her song these days . She is topic of  roast . Many facebook pages are trolling for her song  . Whenever she releases her video , it goes trending on youtube . She has awesome fan following .Dhinchak pooja is beautiful , she has awesome humour , has awesome voice . dont believe me ? I have proof , just dont laugh .

Dhinchak pooja
Pic credit : dhinchak pooja facebook

Dhinchak’s songs , Warning : dont die 


Selfie maine le li aaj : 



Daru Daru :

Everyone’s favorite Swag wali topi : 


 Caution : I survived because i have strong heart and mind . If you dont have strong heart , you will have heart attack . Watch her video at your own risk . 

Dhinkchak pooja’s video on Youtube Trending .

Dhinchak pooja


She is Hot topic of Roasters :

Many Roasters roasted dhinchak pooja , shamelessly . They made hilarious jokes , non-veg jokes on her . Check out some Roaster’s video .

Bhakchod Baba ji :


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The RawKnee Show


Legend Carry Minati :


There are many rosters , who roasted this Dhinchak girl , but i have mentioned only few, you can watch her all roasted video on Youtube .


Dhinchak pooja’s facebook posts :


Her Trending videos : 

Dhinchak pooja ko nahi suna to life bekar : 


Facebook page troll :







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