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Facebook live : New update has arrived | now you can add friends

facebook live

Facebook has updated several new features to the Facebook live . Its like you are talking with your friend on hangout via youtube . now you can ask your facebook friend to join the live video and also share the live video . Facebook now made available this feature to everyone , earlier it was only to public figures now its for everyone .

Facebook live video features has portrait and landscape mode . In portrait mode , Host will have bulk of the screen and their friend will show up in picture-in-picture, in landscape mode , two users screen are split down .


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Users can direct message , they also updated this feature , so that they can have private chat during broadcast . These are some of more fun and social  recent additions to the feature says facebook . This is cool feature of  facebook live video , people have some privacy too .

live with
pic credit : fastcompany


Facebook’s New feature is called live with . Live with anyone .


This will be interesting for Facebook , they will have to review reports . Hope everything will be alright for this facebook live video . (source : Verge )


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