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Foolish People are comparing Bahubali 2 and P.K collection | For religion

foolish people

India is place where you will get foolish people in every 100 meter . They will start argument on the basis of religion , sports , celebrity and start fighting . Most people are blind not with eye , with brain . They dont use their head . They use photoshop as their news and brain . Now they are comparing Bahubali 2 and P.K on the basis of insulting religion . They are saying you can earn 22 crore in one day by insulting Hinduism and you can earn 100 crore on day one by respecting Hinduism . 


bahubali 2



In Above Pic P.K ( Aamir is arguing with shiva character ) . 

First thing First :

comparison on the basis of insulting religion is complete bullshit . Now a days people are more intolerant than ever , they dont use their head . They use their photoshopical head .  photoshopical head ,  in the sense , they use photoshop as a tool to wash their head .


P.K does not insult Lord Shiva :

In movie P.K , in one scene , P.K (Aamir Khan ) , was chasing lord shiva’s character . If we use our own logic , in P.K , aamir was playing a character of Alien , who was not aware of anything like GOD . He saw in temple , in pics , in houses . He thought GOD lives here . He had many pics of GOD . One day in washroom , he found a man , who was playing , Lord Shiva character in a play .  He thought , that lord shiva character is actual GOD , and he was demanding his own remote . After that chase sequence happened . 

Everyone thought , It was an insult to Lord shiva . But logically , it was not insult to Shiva , because P.K was not aware of GOD, where he lives or such thing .

Now people are comparing Bahubali 2 and P.K

How people can be so foolish ? they are now comparing bahubali 2 and P.K on the basis of religion. Bahubali respected Hindu religion , so movie earned 100 cr on day one , while P.K  insulted hindu religion , so it earned 22 cr . what a bullshit logic .

Bahubali 2 earned 115 cr( unofficial )  on day  1 , not because of Hinduism , but because of its demand in cinema. In 2015 Bahubali created huge buzz , best VFX , Epic movie , unique action . Never seen before in INDIAN cinema. It ended with awesome tag line : why did kattappa kill Bahubali .

First part didn’t earned too much , but it created huge buzz , all over INDIA . everyone wanted to watch it .

Every news channel was showing different version , why did kattappa killed bahubali . every facebook page was posting about this movie .

Now movie release and it created , huge buzz .

Movie has best VFX , awesome background music . Thats Why movie became hit , not because of Hinduism . They showed respect , this is not the factor .

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Conclusion :

People think  Aamir is anti-national as well as anti-hindu , thats not the thing , people always react , does not think . Movie P.K is great messege to the society of blind religion follower  , not just to hinduism , also to ISLAM , Chrisitian . They all follow , religion blindly .

People in India react fast , does not think , specially in the matter of religion .

It is the time to Think not to react . Make INDIA great again .



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