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Warning !!! After Ransomware , Now Judy Malware attacks Android devices

Judy malware

There were not too many days that new Malware hits internet . Its called Judy . After WannaCry Ransomware , now Judy malware has attacked mobile devices .

About 41 apps has been affected till now in Google Play Store . It is not enough , about 8.5 million to 36.5 million handsets has been affected . Google has announced that there are about 2 billion smartphone , currently active .

Judy Malware is an Adware

According to checkpoints Researchers report , Judy Malware is an auto clicking adware , which was design to generate more and more revenue through advertisements. About 18.5 million people have downloaded this infected app .

Google also warned its users about these apps , but users didn’t hear , After sometime google started to remove that kind of apps .

judy malware
Pic credit : BGR

I must tell you that , Before Judy Malware , WannaCry Ransomware affected about 150+ countries , India was on top list . It is the most widely spread android malware , we have ever seen . “The malware uses infected devices to generate large amounts of fraudulent clicks on advertisements, generating revenues for the perpetrators behind it,” the security report reads.

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Google is aware of this , now they are removing this kind of app . Culprits are from Korea . a  company which makes android app and IOS app .  Hope google will take care of this company as well .

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