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Lick the feet of government , you will get national award

national award akshay kumar and ajay devgan

Do you want national award ? if your answer is yes , then lick the feet of government . Like Akshay kumar and Ajay Devgan . yes , you read it right . like Akhay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. You have to praise government no matter what government is doing . Just praise the government consistently , you will definitely get an award . You have to raise the matter of nationalist and anti-nationalist .


anti-national and national
credit : reddif

Akshay kumar ‘s performance is no where near the performance of many actors like Amitabh Bachchan’s pink , Shah Rukh Khan’s FAN , Sahid Kapoor’s Udta Punjab , Nana Patekar’s natsamrat , Manoj Bajpayee ‘s aligarh , Aamir Khan’s Dangal , Sushant Singh Raajput ‘s MS dhoni .

Akshay kumar’s Airlift was far better than shitty rustom . Just show some patriotism in movie , get the national award .

All these actors acted far-far better than Akshay Kumar . Buy why only Akshay kumar won ?


akshay kumar and iliana in rustom

Nationalism and Favoritism ? can win national award

Another example of lick the feet of government is Ajay Devgan  . whose film won the national award for Best VFX . Jury thought VFX of FAN was not good , so they gave to Shivaay . VFX of FAN was far better than Shitty shivaay .

SRK  didn’t lick the feet of government so jury ignored him and his movie .

Ajay devgan during the ugly spat with karan johar , was constantly demanding the ban of pakistani’s actor .

Priyadarshan was the head of Jury of 64th national award . so he pick his favorite candidate Akshay kumar , over all the brilliant actor . He thought Rustom’s acting was far – far better than all the shit acting done by SRK , Amitabh , Nana Patekar , Randeep hooda , Manoj Bajpayee , Sushant Singh Rajput .

Priyadarshan said it was very difficult to choose best actor . lol .



shitty priyadarshan

Favoritism and nepotism always works

Not only this time , that favoritism worked , but there are many occasions where favoritism worked over talent . Saif Ali Khan won national award in 2004 .  where his mother was head of jury . 

Arjun Rampal being awarded the Best Supporting Actor for Rock On!! (2008).

What’s more when Saif won the award over Shah Rukh Khan in Swades, it was being said that a fight between Pritish Nandy and SRK was the reason, and incidentally the jury was chaired by Sudhir Mishra, whose Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003) was produced by Nandy. [ source : first post ] .


Conclusion on national award :

If you want a national award , you must have any relative or your admirer at the jury . or you must always lick the feet of the government .

You will definitely win national award like Akshay kumar  , Ajay devgan , Saif Ali Khan .


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