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Is there any movie , which may replace bahubali’s popularity ?

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Is there any movie , which may replace bahubali’s popularity ? This is good question for Indian Cinema lover. India is country where largest number of films are made . Movies are made in languages like  Hindi, Tamil , Telgu , Marathi , Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Bengali , Santhali , malyali , English , which is itself a record . But question is , can any movie replace bahubali’s popularity ?

Is there any movie , which may replace bahubali’s popularity ?

Yes or no , both are right . Any Khan’s movie like Raees, Dangal, Don 2 , Bajrangi bhai jaan, 3 idiots , P.K were also popular and they are still popular . But their success will fade in upcoming years but Bahubali ‘s success wont fade in next 10 years . Because of its VFX , Action , storyline , its collection and kattappa . Kattappa was the main reason for movies success, you cant deny the fact .

robot 2.0 rajnikanth akshay kumar


Rajnikanth is releasing Robot 2.o next year , This movie is capable to break bahubali’s record , because of starpower of rajnikanth and Akshay kumar . But it will struggle to match the popularity of bahubali .


Bahubali didn’t have any starpower . Prabhas has not much stardom like Rajnikanth , Shah rukh khan, Salman or aamir. Movie’s popularity made the movie epic and unbreakable .


Ramya krishnan and Shah Rukh Khan
Ramya krishnan (aka bahubali’s mother ) and shah rukh khan , movie chahat

It will be unfair to say that , other movies will not earn popularity as much as bahubali did , Time comes popularity of movie changes , they are still popular because of love from the audience .

Dilwale dulahniya le jayege , Veer Zaara  are still popular as love stroy . 3 idiots is still popular because of its stroy line . Hum aapke hai kon is still popular .

There are many movies which are still popular like Sholay , Border, Mr INDIA, Gangs of wasseypur, P.K , DDLJ , Veer Zaara , Hum Aapke hai kon, Robot , Lagan.



Popularity of movies depends on how much people loved the movie. Movies will come and go but these movies will always be popular .


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Bahubali series loved by the all kind of audience and it became popular.

Bahubali’s popularity will not effect any other movie’s popularity or other movie’s popularity will not effect bahubali’s popularity . 

In future , there will be many movies . Technology is changing so are people . People are going to watch movies now a days .

They are appreciating good movies . People’s love are the reason that Producers are making big budget movies with great quality .


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