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Top artificial intelligence companies in the world

top artificial intelligence companies

Future of computer science is Artificial Intelligence . There are many companies in the world which are investing in A.I . Top artificial intelligence companies are below : check the list


Top artificial intelligence companies :


1.) Google :

In 2014 ,  Google bought artificial intelligence Start up Deep mind for 400 million $ . This was huge investment made by google .


google deep mind
Google PGH office


2.) Microsoft :

In December 2016, Microsoft Ventures launched a new fund for AI startups .

This fund found the first backer for Element AI , a Montreal-based AI incubator .

Since then , Microsoft ventures has co-led funding of two artificial intelligence startups , Agolo and Bonsai .

3.) Uber :

In December 2016, Uber acquired Geometric Intelligence, an AI startup cofounded by noted scientists aiming to ‘redefine the boundaries of machine learning’. In this strategic move, Geometric Intelligence’s 15 employees will create a new and dedicated AI lab based at Uber’s headquarters in San Francisco. ( source : tech world )

4.) Facebook :

Recently mark juckerberg developed Jarvis for his home .

According to The Next Web, Facebook is helping blind people ‘see’ photos by using artificial intelligence to narrate them via its iOS app. By using neural networks, the Facebook app will generate a description for every photo e.g. ‘three women smiling with champagne’. ( source : Tech world ) .

5.) Apple :


In early 2016, Apple has bought artificial intelligence startup Emotient and while it’s not completely clear what Apple’s plans are, reports suggest that the acquisition will centre on facial recognition technology and customers reaction to ads. ( source : tech world ) 


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