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How much you can earn through Google Adsense ?

how much you can earn from google adsense

How much you can earn through google adsense ? Can we really earn millions of money through Adsense ? All adsense publisher wants this type of answers . all have different sayings , some says you earn less through google adsense , some says you earn millions through adsense . what is realty ? is it real that google will make us rich ? I will talk about this , in today’s article .


People have different opinion regarding earning through Adsense , some says you wont earn much , and some says you will earn millions ? I started blogging about 3 months ago . I earned 95$ till date . I am not posting regularly now , because of exam . I am currently a 3rd engineering student . My first month income was very less , it was 3 $ . In my Second month it increased to 25 $ . And now i have total of 95 $ , increase of 67 $ . This is incredible . I have posted very less in june 2017 . I am still learning about the blog , you can read my post , you will know about this , but i am growing .


How much you can earn money from google adsesne ?

Google adsense gives 68% to its publisher , rest 32 % of its revenue , google keeps to itself . According to wikipedia and other sources , Google earned Approx  US$3.4 billion , from 32 % and total earning was approx 13.50 billion $ and it gave 9.1 billion $ to its publishers .

You can imagine from this estimates , how much you can earn through google adsense . This is just about website not youtube . Many top website like wikihow.com and labnol.org , earns millions of dollars through websites , there are many more website .

Top blogger of INDIA  Harsh Agarwal earns in lakhs of rupees per month . You can check his income report , He was awarded as best blogger of INDIA . This is amazing .

This information was of 2014 now its 2017 , In 3 years , Internet user increased specially in INDIA , through digital india . and Jio network provided cheapest internet connection , so many people are using internet today .

After progressing in 3 years google’s earning may be 80,000 crore , 500,ooo crore , or 1,00,000 crore .

In my case ,  i have already discussed in this post , i have earned 95 $ in 3 months . I am absolute beginner about blogging .


Can you earn Crore through Google adsense ?


Answer is Yes , but no 

Your earning depends on traffic of your website and content of your website . Your earning will depend on RPM and CPC of your website . If you have good traffic than you can earn lakhs / crores. You must have high quality traffic .

We can earns lakhs of rupees through adsense but we have to always be careful about disapproval of  adsense account , you can earn lakhs in one month , you can earn thousands in next , it depends on your CPC and quality traffic.

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