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Munna Michael Trailer review | Its only about dance and action

Nidhhi Agarwal

Munna Michael trailer just released today starring Tiger Shroff , Nawazuddin Siddique and Nidhhi Agerwal . Nidhi Agarwal is debuting in Bollywood . Trailer is full with Dance , action and Comedy . Its about dance and action so dont look for any kind of story . Its a treat for Tiger Shroff fans , Finally they are getting one look of munna michael . In two and half minute trailer , Trailer shows the journey of Munna from slum to biggest dancer .


Munna michael trailer
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Munna Michael Trailer Review

Trailer starts with dream of Munna whose idol is Michael Jackson . his ( Michael Jackson ) poster tells munna to wake up and dance like there is no one watching . Munna is gifted dancer , His story shows how he keeps the fame of  Michael Jackson alive .  Nawazuddin Siddique is seen dancing and beating people in the trailer . More interesting thing of the trailer is that Munna ( Tiger Shroff ) teaches Nawaj to dance , this will be the most iconic part of the movie . Everyone knows that , Nawazuddin does not dance . If he danced well in movie than all the limelight will be taken away from Tiger Shroff . 

The trailer is full with Dance , Music and action . Action is as usual , you may have seen in earlier Tiger Shroff movie. There is no unique action in the trailer except the last one . Background music is average . Background song is also in the trailer , which is good .


Nawazuddin Siddique
Pic credit : Eros


Nawazuddin siddique playing the role of ruthless gangster , who wants to learn dance in 30 days , so he goes to munna , so that munna can teach him to dance.  Role of nawazuddin siddique looks interesting in the trailer . Best thing about the trailer is its dance . Dance is awesome . 


Munna Michael Trailer :



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Munna Michael is directed by Sabbir Khan , He also directed Baghi and Heropanti . This is 3rd collaboration of Tiger shroff and Sabbir khan . Movie is going to release on 21st july . Watch this movie if you are tiger shroff fan , for dance , or you can wait for review . Dont go for story or anything , dance , action and Nawazuddin Siddique  is the only thing . All the best .


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