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Elon Musk launches his mystery website x.com which was closed

Elon Musk

Elon Musk exceptional thinker , CEO and founder of Tesla and  Space X and co-founder of  Paypal , Announced on twitter that he launched his website x.com .

This is not fully made as of now , website has only letter X when you open the website . you will get only X .

Elon Musk formerly owned x.com when he was co-founder of paypal but he lost at that time , now he got that domain , he also dont know what to do with that website .

Here is his tweet :


In 1993 , ICANN , an international group that regulates internet domain name , decided that single names of domain will not be available . They will not be available for sale , earlier there were only 6 website with single name on domain . “q.com,” “x.com, “z.com,” “i.net,” “q.net,” and “x.org .

Now with the help of Pay pal , Elon musk now owns x.com .  he is visionary man , he will do his best for this website .

Musk has promised that x.com will be “fixed” tomorrow, which either means that he’s going to give us a clue for what he plans to do with the website, or he’s going to build the website one letter at a time. No one really knows.


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Tell us , your guess , what he will do with this mystery website x.com ?  leave comment .

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