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10 amazing websites , you didn’t know existed !!

amazing websites

There are millions of website across internet , but you only know very few . I am going to tell you about 10 amazing websites , you didn’t know existed . These websites are for fun. Internet is very big place , so you need to explore many details . you will be amazed to check out these websites .


1.) 10 Minute mail


This website will give you new temporary email address . This website was designed to prevent spam. you can create new email address only for 10 minutes . you can give this email address to any one , they can send you email to this email address .

10 miute mail
10 minute mail

For example : if you are visiting dark net , this website will be helpful . Create new temporary email address and get whatever new message you want , you can get 10 more minutes , if you want .


2.) Fake Name Generator :


This website is for fun purpose , you can create fake name of any country (country names are limited) . This website will give you each and every fake details of you . They will give you a fake name , fake address , fake favorite things , every details will be fake . this website is just for fun . Go and check right now , your every fake details . its fun.

fake name generator
fake name generator

3.) Camel Camel Camel 


If you are an amazon user , this website is beneficial for you . Select any product and copy the link of the product . This is very amazing website , you can check every details of any amazon product . you can set price check on your favorite product , so that when , your favorite product comes on that range , you will get notification . you can see lowest and highest price of that product . Go and check if you are an Amazon lover .

camel camel camel
camel camel camel


4.) Down for everyone or just me :


This is amazing website to check if website is down for every one or for just you . You can type any domain name , and check , if website is down for everyone or it is just you . If you host a website , then this website is very useful to check , if your website is up or down . Give it a shot .


5.) Account killer : 


This website will kill your social account . This website contains all social media websites . This website will show you , how you can delete your social account , it will provide you direct link to delete your social media account . If you want to delete any social media account and you dont know how to delete , than this website is very useful .


account killer


6.) Project Alexandria 


If you are a book lover , then this website will be very helpful to you . This website will help you to find you next book according to your favorite genre or author . If you love finding new book , then you must check it out .


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7.) A good movie to watch : 


This website will tell you about good movies , you can find amazing movies . you can search movies according you your favorite genre . Latest best movies , netflix best movies , all time best movies , this is collection of all the good movies .

good movies to watch


8.) Mount Everest 3D :


This is one of the best website , this website will show you 3D view of mount Everest . You can trek here . you will see the mount Everest in never before avatar . Check this amazing website .



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9.) Hacker Typer : 


This website is cool . This website will give you feel of hacker . Open the website , and press key board button , and you will see that you are looking like hacker . Try this website and do this in front of friends , they will be surprised . Try it .

hacker typer


10.) Madeon Adventure machine : 


This website will give you music . In this website you can create your own beat tracks . create your own music . just click on the colors , and music will automatically created . cool .

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Final Note on 10 amazing websites


There are many amazing websites across the internet , this is just small , I will update this list , stay updated . Tell your view in comment . If you know any website and that is not in this list , please comment . If you like this post than share with your friends . Thank you for your time .


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