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6 people with unique skin color | Must watch

6 people with unique skin color , these people have very unique skin color due to some disease. They were teased and bullied at childhood .But they stood against all odd . They showed the world that if you have will power than you can do anything . These people are inspiration to all the people who thinks , their color as setback . learn from these people and take a look at these famous people with unique skin color .

6 people with unique skin color

6.) Souffrant Ralph

Ralph is a dermatology student from Haiti.

He made his debut at one of Kanye West’s Yeezy runways and was offered a modeling contract the same day.

He was constantly teased for his heavily freckled appearance while he was in school .

Go to Ralph instagram account . 

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5.) Nastya Zhidkova :

Nastya Zhidkova

The most beautiful albino in the world  Nastya Zhidkova ( aka ) suffers from a congenital disorder known as albinism.

This is when there is lack of production of melanin (the pigment that is responsible for coloring of your sking , hair and eyes) . As a result these features can appear very pale which is the case of Nastya Zhidkova .

She used her case to start a modeling career and she is not the only Albino . There are many people such as Shaun Ross , Stephen Thompson, Connie Chiu . 

Go to Nastya Zhidkova instagram account .

These people have taken fashion world by storm and have shown the beauty that comes that comes with albinism .

Aside from modelling , Zhidkova likes to sing and has shared her love for singing on Youtube .


4.) Nikia Phoenix :

Nikia Phoenix

She has lots of freckles, Freckles has covered Nikia Phoenix face . Her striking appearance has secured her a career as model .

She has featured in Popular brand Coca Cola . She has her own blog called Model Liberation ” Where she provides beauty advice and has also founded “Black Girl Beautiful ” Which celebrates African American Beauty .

Go to Nikia Phonix instagram account . 

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3.) Connie Chiu :

Connie chiu
Copyright : connie chiu

Connie Chiu is recognised for being the world’s first albinistic fashion model .

Chiu was born in British Hong Kong to a Chinese family. Like many people with albinism, she has to protect her photosensitive  eyes and skin from the sunlight.

As a result, her family moved to Sweden when she was seven.

She suffers from albinism like Natsya Zhidkova .

In addition to a modelling career , Chiu performs at various clubs and events as Jazz singer .


2.) Winnie Harlow :

Winnie Harlow

She has white patches on her whole body . She was diagnosed with prominent form of “Vitiligo ” , A skin condition where white patches develop on the sking due to a lack of melanin , the very condition Michael Jackson suffered from .

She was favorite subject for bullying throughout her childhood and she even tried suicide .

She has featured in many fashion magazine including Glamour , Complex and Cosmopolition .

Harlow has also made appearances in several music videos including Eminem’s “Guts over Fear ” and Beyonce’s ” Lemonade ” .

Eminem’s Guts over fear : 


1.) Khoudia Diop :

Khoudia Diop

21 year old , Sengalese model , Khoudia Diop is not your average looking person as she possesses a Unique skin tone with a melanin rich color .

She was also bullied and teased because of her dark skin tone , however that did not stop her form pursuing a modelling career at the age of 17 .

Her skin ton helped her to become the most successful models in the world as well as inspiration to many .

She calls her self  ” Melanin Godess ” .

Go to Khoudia Diop Instagram account  .

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