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Blue Whale challenge Game | A dangerous game | Know about it

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It is a game , but Blue whale Challenge is far from a game . Young teens who accept the challenge are encouraged to complete a series of task which get more and more dangerous and at the end of the game played is told to take their own life in order to win . It is famous in INDIA now a days , due to death of a teenager in mumbai , and Government is asking to ban it .


According to wikipedia :  The Blue Whale Game  also “Blue Whale Challenge”, is an Internet “game”  that is claimed to exist in several countries.

The game allegedly consists of a series of tasks assigned to players by administrators during a 50-day period, with the final challenge requiring the player to commit suicide.

The term “Blue Whale” comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, which is linked to suicide.

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The Blue whale suicide game has many names such as “A silent house ” , A sea of whales and wake me at 4:20 am . It takes 50 days to complete and it is played via website Vkontakte , which is popular social network in Russia .

This game is attracting teens as young as 12 years old in Russia , Central Asia , and India too . The game has been blammed by Russian media as the reason why 80-130 children commited suicide between November 2015 and April 2016 . [ Source : Higgypop]

How blue whale game started ?

Blue whale started in 2013 in Russia with F57 group , which is called as death group of Vkontakte website .  Vkontakte is social networking website of Europe .

A person named Philipp Budeikin claims that he invented the game . He stated that   his purpose was to “clean” the society by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no value. He was psychology student and he was expelled from the University.

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The list of tasks, to be completed in 50 days, includes waking up at 4:20 A.M., climbing a crane, carving a specific phrase on the person’s own hand or arm, doing secret tasks, poking a needle to the arm or leg, standing on a bridge and roof, listening to music, and watching videos sent to the challengers by the administrator .

All the games are very dangerous , teenagers killed themselves doing that type of activities . At last people have to suicide to win the game . Victims are mostly teenagers .

Teenagers from Argentina , Brazil , Bulgaria , Chile , China , Colombia , Georgia , INDIA , Italy , Kenya , Portugal , Russia , Saudi Arabia , Spain , United States , many more countries , committed  suicide .

How it is viral in INDIA ?

A 14 year teenager from Mumbai committed suicide  , It triggered whole country . Maharashtra Chief minister blamed Blue Whale game for suicide of that boy  . He demanded from center govt to ban the game in India completely .

Warning :

Don’t let your friends or family member to play this game , This game effects psychologically , which is very dangerous . It is still not banned in INDIA . Everyone is demanding ban on this game . Hope blue whale game will be banned permanently .

Final notes :

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