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Change Facebook theme , Color and Font to cool facebook theme | Now

Change facebook theme

Facebook is social networking website , which helps people to connect with friends all over the world and provides full entertainment , You can also earn money through Facebook . Facebook is very popular , but it has only one flaw , its default theme . Facebook’s default’s theme is blue , which is very boring actually . some users want to change  Facebook theme , but they don’t know how to change facebook theme . I am going to tell you how you can change your Facebook theme .


Facebook does not allow to change its default theme like Myspace . So Facebook user always has to bear this blue theme .  However , it is very much easy to change your Facebook theme . You can not directly change your Facebook theme but you can change it using Add ons and customs themes , which are completely free .

Requirements :


You will need Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome browser to change your Facebook theme .

Change  facebook theme in Mozilla Firefox :


1.) Open Mozilla Firefox browser . On the top right corner , you will see triple equal sign , click on that , you will see many menus , search for add ons , then click Add-ons . see pic below .

mozilla firefox add-ons
Click on add-ons to go to add-ons page


2.) On the search bar , search  ” Stylish ” Add-ons .

Stylish Add-ons

3.) Install stylish Add-ons then restart Firefox , they will give restart option .

4.) Log in to your Facebook account , if you have not logged in yet . Click on Small s on top right status bar .

Stylish Add-ons small s


5.) When you will click on small s , there will be many options , choose Find Styles for this site ..

6.) You will go to themes page, choose any Facebook theme , Preview your theme , and then change Facebook theme .

7.) Click on install style , to change your theme .

Install style
Preview of a theme , will look like this .


There are lots of themes :

Facebook Mozilla Themes

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Change Facebook Theme in Google Chrome :


1.) Go to chrome web store . Click on triple dot sign on top right corner of the page , Go to more tools , then click on extensions , This will open extensions page , now go to bottom of the page , and click on get more extensions , to go to Google chrome web store . 

Google extension

2.) Search  ” Stylish ” extension on search bar .

3.) When Search is complete , you will see , Stylish extension , click on Add to Chrome .

Stylish Extension add to chrome
Click on Add to chrome to add extension

4.) Just like Mozilla Firefox , Click on small s , on the top right corner of status bar . Choose any theme , preview it  and install theme  , or click on Find more styles for this site  .

stylish extension
install themes

5.) Enjoy your new look of Facebook . Whenever you will open your Facebook , you will not see old boring themes .

More from Stylish Extension and Stylish Add-ons :


Stylish extension is not only for Facebook , you can choose different themes for Google , Youtube , Twitter, Yahoo .You can add cool themes , you will be amazed to see different themes for these popular websites . What are you waiting for go and change your Facebook , twitter , Google theme .

Visit  userstyles website to see all the stuff .

Stylish youtube google twitter
Check how many website you can change

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