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Create facebook page and start making money now

create facebook page

Facebook page is very important for every brand , business or celebrity . It helps any brand to reach to more people and to tell people about brand . There are millions of facebook page . Create facebook page now and start making money with facebook . Facebook is providing monetization option to earn money . Facebook is upgrading itself , so it will be wiser to create  facebook page and start making money . I will show you how you can create business facebook page  and start making money .


How to create facebook page :

1.) Go to Facebook page login .

2.) Facebook log in and sign up page will open .

3.) Below create account option , you will see create a page for your brand option .

how to create facebook page


4.) Click on Create page option .

5.) Choose what kind of facebook page you want to create .

facebook page brand


6.) choose your type of facebook page , choose according to your choice . If you are not logged in , please log in to  your facebook account .

7.) Click on any box , you want to create . Choose the category , give name and click on get started . see the picture .

create facebook artist page


8.) After filling name and category , click on Get Started button .

9.) All set , Your facebook page created . Choose your profile photo , change your timeline photo , and start publishing articles , memes ,awesome post .

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How to make money with facebook page :


There are various ways to make money with facebook page , facebook is giving monetization option on videos and articles , but there are several more ways where you can earn money with facebook page . lets check out all the ways to make money from facebook page .


1.) Create website and promote on facebook .


Creating website is easy now a days , lots of people make money with website , you can create a wordpress website and post your website articles on your facebook page , you will get high traffic and you will earn money . This is one of the best ways to make millions money . Many popular facebook page like Rajnikant vs CID jokes , The back benchers , The laughing colors , Being Indian1 earn millions of money by promoting website article on facebook . What are you waiting for create wordpress website , link with google adsense and promote  your website article on facebook and earn money .


2.) Facebook instant articles :


Facebook instant article is another option to make money through facebook , facebook gives advertisement on your website through facebook instant articles , you have to create an account on facebook instant article and you will earn money . Facebook instant article is very fast , any website post shared using facebook instant article , that post opens very fast .


3.) Affiliate marketing :


You can earn money through affiliate marketing . Affiliate marketing is one of the best way to earn money online . Promote your affiliate link directly on facebook . Flipkart affiliate , amazon affiliate , Bluehost india affiliate , Hostgator affiliate . Just promote your affiliate  link on your facebook page , you will earn money , whenever anyone purchases from your link .


4.) Monetize your facebook videos :

Facebook is providing monetization option on videos , you can also monetize your facebook videos and you can earn moeny . Now a days , you may be seeing that , facebook is giving ads on its videos , so in future it will give money too to its facebook page owners .

Finale notes :

Facebook is very big platform to showcase your talent , dont sit around and like other’s post , create facebook page and try to earn your money . Do your regular job and earn extra money with facebook . Like this post if you loved this article , comment , don’t forget to share this article .


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