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What is deep web ? The dangerous web you must know about .

deep web dark web

Deep web has many names  such as  , Invisible web , Hidden web . Deep web is a world wide web which is not indexed by standard search engines like google , bing , yahoo .  You can not search any deep web website in google , bing or yahoo .  deep web is very big , where is deep web and how to access it ? Very few people knows how to access it . Keep reading , i will tell you each and every detail about dark web .


How to access Deep web  or Hidden web ?

We use a little percentage of internet , like facebook , twitter , some news , some technical news , instagram , Amazon , linked in , Blogs , Porn websites, Torrent websites , databases , study websites  . A pro internet user use only this amount of internet .

Rest amount of internet comes under child trafficking websites , Child porn , Celebrity porn , illegal gun supply , Drugs supply , hackers chat room , government’s confidential data , political leaks , stolen credit card details , stolen paypal passwords , military leaks , Research centers leaks and many more . All these illegal activities comes under deep web and dark web .

deep web
Deep Web 
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What is dark web and how to access dark web ?


Dark web and Deep web are two different world  .

Dark Web is where you can operate without been tracked, maintaining total anonymity.

The Dark Web is much smaller than the Deep Web and is made up of all different kinds of websites that sell drugs, weapons and even hire assassins , Paypal passwords , credit card details , child porn .
All the illegal activities comes under dark web .

How can you access dark web and deep web ? 

Deep web can be accessed by normal web browsers but don’t try to access deep web in browser like google chrome , mozila firefox , opera mini . You can be traced by government or hackers and you will be in trouble .

You need tor network to access these websites . Tor is a browser that are used to access dark web website . Tor makes all the connection encrypted .  Tor was created by United States Naval Research Laboratory employees for the purpose of protecting the U.S intelligence online communication in mid 90s .

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Dark web websites has .onion extension and it can not accessed by normal browsers , dark web is only accessible by tor browser , which provides complete anonymity online .

Tor is Free browser , so download TOR .

Dark web


Deep web search Engines access without tor :


The WWW virtual library 

Deep web research tools 



Tech Deepweb



Be careful while searching for something on deep web and dark web .


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