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Dream 11 | How to create account and play and how to make money

dream 11

You may have heard of Dream 11 or not , worry not , I am going to share each and every detail about dream 11 , What is it ? how to create account ? and how you can money through dream 11 ? and how much money you can make money through it . I have already wrote an article on how to make money online , where i have mentioned Dream 11 .

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What is Dream 11


It is a fantasy sports league , you can play sports while you are sitting at home . you can play cricket , football and Kabaddi . You can play these 3 games online . You can play these games for fun or you can also earn money with these games , i will tell you how you can earn money through Dream 11 . It is not like you are playing  video games , its not like that .

You can play when there is live match is happening , otherwise you can not play .

It is like betting , but its different one and it is complete legal . you can play free or you can play with money and earn real money .

Dream 11 fantasy cricket league

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How to create account in Dream 11


1.) Go to google , Type Dream 11 . Hit enter  or go to the fantasy cricket website directly and follow from option 3 .

2.) Click on any link , such as fantasy Cricket or fantasy Football or fantasy Kabaddi

3.) Fill the sign up form . provide email address , Date of birth of yours  , password of your choice , then click start playing .

4.) you can either fill sign up form or you can log in with facebook or google directly . Options are  given .

5.) you are all set , you have created account for all 3 sports  i.e Cricket , Football , Kabaddi .

6.) Start playing .

7.) Android app and ios app is also available , download and install android app from google play store .

8.) If you don’t have android smartphone , then use website , if you have android phone , then i recommend to use phone .

How to play fantasy sports and how you can make real money

Now you have created your account , you must know how to play fantasy cricket or football or kabaddi . worry not i am going to tell you here .

I am giving example of cricket . rest two games have same procedure . Home page of all sports are same , I am using PC so mobile look will be different .

When you will enter to the home page of fantasy cricket league , you will see lots of menus such as Mega contest , challenge friends , invite friends , verify now ,earn 100 rs and many more .

dream 11 contests

On the top first is  Get Rs 100 , You have to refer to your friends , when your friends accepts and joins dream 11 then you will earn 100 rs . This method only works in mobile phones , so i recommended to use mobile phone for this method .

You are seeing in this Photo that there are cricket option , Football and Kabaddi option beside Dream 11 logo . You can play any sports .

Below that , you are seeing matches , Ind vs SL , BAR vs GUY , JAM vs SKN , these are upcoming matches . You can see all the series , option is given on top left after the logo , join any match ,  invite your friends to get 100 rs ( Mobile only ) , challenge friends , you can create contest .

How to play :

You don’t have to do anything , you just have to create your own team and join any contest and go anywhere in the world . Real player will play for you . They make runs , you earn points , they get wickets , you get points .

Select any contest and click join . After all the menus , you will see this pic , pic below , Here you have to create your team . You can pick players from 2 teams , one team will have only 7 players and other team will have only 4 . Lets choose team .

Click on Create your team , You will see lots player from 2 teams . you have to select only 11 players (cricket) . You will come to this section .

Desktop version look , mobile version will look different

It is like auction , you have to choose your player very carefully . choose players who are playing the match and who are in form . All the players have given credits and points , You will have only 100 credits . Player get credits when their performance is very good , if their performance is bad then they will have low credit score . I have selected teams , It will look like this in PC . Pic below .


This is desktop version , Mobile version has different look . After you have created your team for current match , you can join contest . you can play match with money or you can play match for free ( u will get no money ) .

Select your captain and vice captain wisely  , because your captain will get double points when he will make runs , vice captain will get 1.5 time more point when he will make run . so choose captain wisely .

there will be lots of contest there , you have to choose which one you will play .

dream 11 contest

There are more than 100 contest for each match . You can play with small amount of money and you can also play with huge amount of money , it depends upon you . first start with small amount of money .

How you will get paid :


First off all you have to earn 200 rs minimum to get paid after that you have to verify you Dream 11 account . if have not verified your account then you must verify to get paid .

Click on Verify option at the top of everything . ( In mobile , check menus ) .

First you have to verify your mobile number , Enter your mobile number , they will send OTP to your mobile number , Enter your OTP , then your mobile will be verified .

Second , you have to provide you PAN card details , Provide pan card details , upload scanned document of PAN card , it will take some days to verify your PAN card .

After verification of PAN card , you can provide your Bank Account Details to withdraw money . All is set . All the best .

Some Tips and Tricks : Fantasy Cricket

1.) Stay updated all the time , Check always who is in form and who is not .

2.) It is very important for any player to play the game , If you have selected any player and that player is not playing , you will get zero for that player , so always check the websites like Cricbuzz , cricinfo .

3.) Always take players , who has best chance to bat , for example : opener batsman, 3rd number , 4th number player  always gets chance to play . while lower order batsman plays very few , keep in mind .

4.) Captain gets double point and vice captain gets 1.5 times more point , choose your captain wisely . Don’t pick favorite if he is not playing well . Captain decides who will win . so pick who is best not who is your favorite .

5.) You can create  5 teams ,and all 5 team can play a single match . again choose your player and captain wisely . different one , not same all the time .

All the best .

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