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Facebook Messenger Malware is Spreading | Beware Facebook users

facebook messenger malware

Facebook is facing very difficult times now a days , few weeks ago , facebook has to shutdown its artificial intelligence program , now malware is spreading through facebook messenger . Facebook messenger malware is spreading very fast . Victims of this malware/adware got the message , requesting to watch the video , but that link redirects to some fake websites . Don’t open any link , if someone (even your friend) requests you to watch the video . Don’t open , I repeat Don’t Open .


Facebook Messenger Malware is like video message .


Security researchers at Kaspersky Lab have spotted an ongoing cross-platform campaign on Facebook Messenger, where users receive a video link that redirects them to a fake website, making  them to install malicious software . No one knows how malware spread . The attackers use the trick of social engineering to convince the victim to open the link of the video .

facebook messenger malware
source : Kaspersky


Researchers from Kaspersky lab found out how the video link looks like and they uploaded to their site . Code is very advanced and unclear . here is the screen shot of the facebook messenger malware code  .

facebook malware code
credit : Kaspersky


Some researchers said that , video links redirects them to fake youtube channel , where victim get trapped , and they also said  that video link is redirected towards google doc.

The document has already taken a picture from the victim’s Facebook page and created a dynamic landing page which looks like a playable movie. When victim clicks to fake playable movie .

Facebook messenger malware redirects them to different-different websites , which lists all the vital information from browser and operating system.


Malware will look like this , depends on your operating system and browser


For example , if you are using Mozila Firefox , then playable movie page , will redirect you to different page , than they will say to update flash player , Your flash player is outdated .

The file will be in executable file , you will download and install it , than malware will do its rest of work .

facebook malware google chrome

and if you are using Google chrome , then the video will redirect you to fake youtube channel and after that same thing will happen . Facebook messenger malware message will look like this . Pic Below .

Message will look like this , beware of this kind of message . be safe

Depending on operating system , they are directed to different websites . If you install this virus , this malware spread malware to your facebook messenger contact . Then it will affect your contact’s too . now you will send message to your all contacts to view video . This is very dangerous , be careful .


According to researchers of Kaspersky lab , ” this technique is not new and has a lot of names. I would like to describe it as a domain chain, basically just A LOT of websites on different domains redirecting the user depending on some characteristics. It might be your language, geo location, browser information, operating system, installed plugins and cookies.” [ Source : Kaspersky website ]


Be Careful of Facebook messenger malware 



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