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Google chrome tips and tricks | you must know

google chrome tips

Google is very big company . It provides many features , Search engine , Browser , Gmail , Adsense , youtube , Adwords , ChromeCast , Chromebook and many more . Google chrome is one of the best browser in the internet right now . Approx 63 % of internet usage are done through google chrome . It was first appeared in September 2008. There are many hidden tricks of google chrome you may not know about . so i am going to tell you about some google chrome tips and tricks you must know about .  These google chrome tips will make your internet surfing much more easier .

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Google Chrome Tips and Tricks you must know about

1.) Google instant Dictionary : 

Googe dictionary
Google instant dictionary

This is one of the best features of google chrome , Whenever you are browsing the internet , you come up with a new word , you don’t know the meaning , just double click the word and you will get the meaning of that word .

When you double click the word  , a popup will open there with the meaning of that word .

If you want to explore more than you can click on more option . you can know all the details about the word , without wasting much time .

Try this google dictionary , this is very cool feature of google chrome . Install Google Instant Dictionary  here.

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2.) One click History :

This is one the coolest feature of google chrome , you may not know about . earlier you may have tried ctrl + h to go to history , or you may have tried other ways, but this feature is just one click .

This Google chrome tips is not known by many people , worry not , i am going to tell you , how you can do it. see the pic below .

one click history
Click and hold back button



As shown in this figure , you just have to click and hold the back  (←)  button  on the top left corner of the browser .  

If you click once , you will go back but if you click and hold , this will open the history , and you can see whole history . Give it a try .

Best part of this feature is that , you can check history of different – different tabs .

3.) Play T-rax game when you are offline

Whenever your internet connection is not working , worry not , you can time pass their . you can play T-rax game when you are offline . Its pretty funny game . you will like it . if you don’t know how to open the game , then follow the pic below .

T-rax game

Whenever you see this pic on your google chrome browser , just click UP ( ↑ )   button on your keyboard or space button .

Your game will start . play it .

4.) Task Manager :

Google chrome has its own task manager , which protects from hackers . You can see  running processes of google chrome  , in background . You can kill extra process which are running in background .

Click on  ≡ or 3 dot button on the top right corner of google chrome , Go to more tools there  , then click on task manager .

Shortcut to Google chrome  Task manager is shift + Esc . 

Google task manager


If you see any process , that is suspicious than immediately click on the process and click on End Process . 

5 .) Fast Calculations :

Google chrome gives calculator . you can use google chrome as calculator , you don’t have to do much work here , just type anything you want to calculate . Suppose you want to know how many Rupees in 1 dollar , just type it . you will get the result .

Google calculator

It provides all the necessary details about your calculation . you must try this cool Google chrome tips .

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6.) Pin you favorite tab :

You can pin your favorite tab , you go continuously and you don’t want to close that tab . This is cool Google chrome tips you must try .

Go to your favorite tab , Right click on that tab , and click pin tab . after clicking , you tab look will be small and you it wont close  accidentally .

Google chrome pin tab


7.) See what are you allowing to websites :

In this method , you will see , what are you allowing to the websites you visit daily . you can allow or block services like camera , locations , microphone , flash , javascript , images , pop ups etc .

If you visit some Porn websites or any illegal websites , you must block features like camerea , locations , pop ups . This will protect you from malicious activities online .

8.) Recently Closed :

If you closed all the browser history of past hour and you want to re open them , go to 3 dot button on the top right corner and click on that , hover on history tab , you will see recently closed option and below that your recently closed history .  This is not very cool Google chrome tips but you should know it .

recently closed google chrome

9.) Add a guest browser :

Guest browsing is very useful when you don’t want to show history to your parents or to your friends . Enable guest browsing to them and they wont see you history .

Open google chrome .

On the top right corner , beside Minimize button , you will see your name or just  people .

Click on that ,

Click on guest , and your guest browser will open .  Pic below .

Google chrome guest browsing

10.) chrome://flags  to hack your google chrome

Type chrome://flags on url bar , and you will see many hidden google chrome tips and tricks .

you can hack your google chrome here . there are thousands of feature available here . There is warning there  , if you don’t know  , what the features do , please don’t do it .

11.) Store and Access your google chrome information anywhere

This is one of the coolest google chrome tips . you can access your information anywhere and store your information too .

Advanced Sync setting

You browse google chrome daily , Chrome browser saves password , auto fill , and history .You can access these information anywhere .

For that , you have to go to Menu >> Settings>>Sync  on sync everything you have log in to your google chrome browser . It is important .

You can access it any where and store it any where .

Warning : if you are using on internet cafe or any other place , don’t forget go log out to your google chrome account . It is important . 

There are many more Google chrome tips ,  I hope you got correct information and you learnt something new . Share this post to your friends and family members and also subscribe to Common Room . Thank you for your time .


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