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Hostgator India Affiliate program | Earn money with Hostgator

hostgator india affiliate program

After Google Adsense , affiliate marketing program is the best way to earn money online , Many bloggers use affiliate marketing and they earn millions of money . Today i am going to talk about Hostgator India affiliate program . How you can earn money through hostgator affiliate marketing program . I am already earning money through this program . Lets talk about , how to earn money through Hostgator .


Hostgator India and bluehost india both are hosting provider and they are top hosting provider in INDIA . There are many more companies , that provides hosting services , so if you have blog , than you can start hostgator affiliate marketing . If you don’t have website then you must make a new website so that you can earn millions of money .

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How to earn money with Hostgator India affiliate program ?


Hostgator gives up to 3000/- RS for per commission . If you are selling more than 20 hosting services than your earning will be around 60,000 to 70,000 . Suppose you sell more than 42+ , than your earning will be around 1 lakh Rupees .



First step : Sign Up for Hostgator India Affiliate program .


First thing you have to do is to sign up . First off all go to hostgator india site . At the top right corner you will see affiliates, You have to click there .


1.) Go to Hostgator India website and click affiliates .

2.) Now click on Sign up button .

Now You have to fill all the details very carefully . Fill all the account information , Personal details , Website address , PAN information , validation information . After filling all the information , hostgator india will review your website and this will give you access to affiliate marketing .

After completing review , log in to  hostgator affiliate program , then use promotion links , banner  , text , direct website sharing .

After that whoever clicks your link and buys hosting , you will get commission . you can also earn on hindi blogs as well . You can earn money on hostgator , its good choice .

After google adsense , Affiliate marketing is the best choice for making money online . If you are making 6-10 sell per month , than you can easily earn around 20,000 /- Rs .

Final Notes :

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