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Sarahah App, What is it ? why everyone talking about it ?

You may have noticed that everyone is using sarahah website/App  in social media . It is spreading like fire in INDIA . Do you ever wondered what is it ? From where it came from ? why it is becoming so much popular ? worry not i am going to tell you every detail of Sarahah App.

What is Sarahah App ?

Sarahah App is an anonymous messaging application/website  . You can send message without logging in . The sarahah app lets user send message one another anonymous messages, has millions of users and has been at the top of Apple’s App Store for weeks in dozens of countries.

This app launched few months ago , it was first spread in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia , now this app is spreading like fire in INDIA . The sarahah app is meant for sending feedback and receiving feedback from others anonymously . It helps people by receiving feedback from other people anonymously .


Sarahah was developed by a developer of Saudi Arabia called ZainAlabdin Tawfiq as a way for people to share honest thoughts anonymously with their friends and contacts . ( source : Telegraph )

Sarahah means honesty or candour in Arabic . It was designed to give honest feedback to people , so that people can improve their performance .

sarahah app
pic credit : android authority


 How it works ?

Go to Sarah‘s website . It is also available on google play and Apple’s app store . Register your self , provide username , password , email , fill in all the details . after registration , they will provide you website like address . for example : commonroom23.sarahah.com .

Now  using this address anyone can message you anonymously , give you feedback , abuse you , propose you . You can not know , who is messaging you . you can also reply to that anonymous message or you can make them your favorite message or delete them .

Saharah app



Here are few tweets of creator of Sarahah App :



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