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Tikona Broadband service review : Worst broadband service ever

tikona broadband service

Today  i am going to post about Tikona Digital Networks , they are internet service provider company . I am using this service from 3 months and i am feeling pissed . I should remove this network as soon as possible . Tikona broadband service is worst among 3 broadband services i used . I am going to share each and every detail . Keep reading and don’t use tikona broadband service . Else you will be in shock like me .


Tikona broadband service speed test :



I have recorded 3-4 videos of tikona digital network and i am sharing with you guys , if you are reading this , then don’t use Tikona broadband service , I recommend it . i will show you many more videos and i will also tell you which one is best .


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I have used reliance broadband service , Airtel broadband service and Tikona broadband service , among three i found that Reliance and Airtel are the best one , and tikona is worst than 2G network. i have used reliance for 3 years and it is pretty well , My friends use Airtel and it is also good .

I choose tikona because , i had to move to other place and on that place there was no reliance and no airtel , reason was that , the area was too narrow . so there was no airtel  , no reliance . Tikona service is best for this kind of place , where they give you a device which is placed on the roof top and another device on your room . Roof top device is connected through wire , that’s why i chose tikona .



Plans were also good , they were providing 3mbps @750 rs ( now also ) , but i was not aware of their cheap service , so i installed tikona broadband service . Right now i am feeling pissed .

Tikona Broadband service Technical :

Whenever i called tikona tech department , first of all they tried to correct the issue remotely , they will check it for 4 hours, 24 hours , they keep complain under observation . if complain doesn’t not resolved through remotely , they will send technician to your home to resolve the problem and technician will come and say sir , there is site issue running .

All the time , there is always a site issue . I will remove this service after , i move from this place .

Customer care number is not free :

Their customer care number is not free , so you can not call all the time .



Watch all the video and tell whats your view on tikona digital network , i will always recommend , don’t use this service , go for Reliance or Airtel .


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