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Top websites to learn something new everyday

top websites

If you want to learn something new , everyday , every minute than you must visit these website regularly . you will improve. There are lots of website , i have compiled the internet and found some cool websites . Visit these website regularly to improve your health , knowledge , reading skills , writing skills , programming skills , speaking skills . you can learn daily by visiting daily for 10-20 minutes . lets check all the websites .


1.) Life hacker :


Life hacker  website provides tips on your health , what to eat , how to fashion , daily life hacks that are useful .This website is helpful for  Money lessons, technology updates  , beauty tips , Financial tips , Travelling , Personality development , food , career and many more .


2.) Wiki how : 


This website provides answer to all the question available in internet . Ask anything , you will be amazed to see the result . As the name suggest wiki how , it is exactly the same . you will find your answer to your question . Question include anything like tech question , health problem question , fitness question , self improvement . you will be surprised to see this website .

3.) Skill Share :


Skill Share  website is Free as well as paid . In free version you have limited access . This website contains graphics design , Photoshop tutorial , business tutorial , Marketing tips , Creative tips and many more . you must visit this website to learn something new. This website is very cheap , so you can afford any course .

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4.) Ehow : 


Ehow website is same as wiki how . You will get how to everything , you will find videos as well as text of how to things . you can learn amazing stuff from here. In Ehow , you can learn to make DIY projects , which is very cool . Ehow will teach you about cooking , how to make delicious foods , how to make gadgets , how to make cool decorating products for your home .

5.) Rype :


Rype is not free . you can start you free trials for 14 days , you can learn any language from Rype. If you have money and you want to learn new languages , then give Rype a shot . You will learn English , French , Spanish , Chinese and many more .

6.) Hack a Day :


Hack a day is website where you can learn to increase your productivity . hack everything , your mind , your house , your laptop . Hack a day will help you to improve your knowledge . Hack a day will help to make cool stuff and it will teach to use your household products for awesome .

7.) Code Academy :


Code Academy is for those who wants to learn coding . If you are interested in learning HTML , Javascript,PHP  , CSS , Python etc , than Code Academy is for you . you will learn efficiently . What you waiting for , go and learn coding .

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8.) CALM :


Do you want to learn meditation ? do you want peace ? Than calm is perfect for you , this website will teach you about meditation . You can try 7 days of calm journey , its completely free . You will learn something new . Try it .


9.) Instructables


Instructables is very helpful for building new projects from available at your home . This website will help to build many cool projects like Robot , Shoes from already available product from home . Instructables will teach you to make mini fridge , bedside light , tea house and many more . Give it a shot , Instrucatables is more than a website .


10.) 7 minute :

7 minute is only for 7 minute , whatever you do here , it will be of 7 minutes . Read article in 7 minutes , workout in 7 minutes , everything in 7 minutes . awesome . check out 7 minutes .


How is the list , dont forget to comment , I will update this list and make this list big , stay updated and subscribe to our website . If you love this article about learn something new daily , than don’t forget to share . If you know some website than share with me . comment below  . Thank you .



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