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Amazon affiliate program | Earn millions of money through affiliate marketing

Amazon is one of the best company in the world , Amazon is popularly known as shopping company , But Amazon also provide opportunity to earn money online . Amazon affiliate program is the method where people can earn money . Affiliate marketing is one of the best method to earn money online . I have already wrote an article on how to make money online . Today i am going to talk about how to earn money through Amazon affiliate program .

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing  is a type of marketing in which we have to sell products of online shopping company , in return company will give some commission , this is called affiliate marketing . We have sell products of online shopping company such as Amazon , Flipkart , E-bay .

Many website hosting company provider gives commission too , such as Bluehost , Hostgator , Go daddy  etc .

We have to join any affiliate marketing program , promote their product  and earn from commission .

affiliate marketing


What is Amazon Affiliate Program ?

Amazon affiliate program called Amazon associates , which allows you to earn money by selling amazon products. You can earn commission from each and every product you sell online .

Every product has different commission . You can get 1% , 2 %, 4 %, up to 10-15% , depends on product .

See image below :

Amazon associates commission


See all the details of commission of Amazon Associates here .

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How to become Amazon Affiliate program partner ?

First off all you have to be member of Amazon . Sign up on Amazon .

Second thing you have to do is Go to Amazon affiliate program website . 


After going to amazon affiliate program website , you will have to enter your amazon id details , Enter your email id and Password .

Log in and everything is done . Now you have to promote amazon products to earn money .

Amazon associates Main Page :

amazon associates main page


In the main page , you will get Product Linking , Widgets , Tools and report  .

In Product Linking you will get banner , Product links and link to any page . You can share banner , Banners on website and on twitter , Facebook .

Go to product link , You will have to search for the product you want to sell . Select your category , then search what you want to sell .


Search for the product and then click on get link to share .



In Report section , you will get all reports of earning of money . How many products you have sold  , how many money you have earned . Everything you will get here about earning .

In widget section you will get banners , slideshow of amazon products to add on websites .

amazon associates widgets


Main part is Tools , where you will have Site stripe .

The new SiteStripe feature allows you to create links directly from the Amazon.in site without having to visit Associates Central.

It lets you build links to any page on Amazon, and even share those links on Facebook or Twitter. It also has handy short-cuts to some other useful Associates pages.

For example :  Suppose you have selected any product to sell . You will get direct text link to sell , Direct image text link , Direct image link to sell .

Site stripe

How to Earn Money from Amazon Affiliate Program :

To earn money from amazon affiliate program , first thing you have to do is you have to promote the product link . learn how to promote product link . I will tell you few methods to promote affiliated link .

1.) Create website : 

Best method to promote affiliate link is to create website and promote product . Write reviews of the product . Write pros of the product and cons of the product .  write in detail . and then at the end give the link to buy Amazon product.

2.) Direct promote Amazon affiliate links / Amazon product links .

You can also promote your product link directly via email , Facebook , Twitter . Just get the link of the product and send to your friends , you fans or anyone on twitter , facebook .

This is it . Get the link of the product and sell it . You will earn commission and all the best .

Final words :

If you find anything wrong than please comment , if you liked this post and helped you , then like comment and share . If you have any question , comment or email .


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