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Amazon kindle app | How to read free e books | Best app

amazon kindle app

You may have heard about Amazon kindle or Amazon kindle app . Do you ever wondered , what it is ? How to use that ? well , worry not , i am going to tell you each and every detail about amazon kindle app , and how you can read free e books on kindle app . where you can find kindle e books . Amazon is great source for online things , i have posted about amazon prime and how to become amazon prime member . Now read this article about amazon kindle app .

What is amazon kindle ?

Amazon Kindle is a series of e-readers designed and marketed by Amazon.

Amazon Kindle devices enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking  to the Kindle Store .


amazon kindle

kindle price range are 5000 , 8000, 10000, 16000 . You may think why should i buy this , if this is so much costly .

Well worry not , Here comes Amazon Kindle App .

What is Amazon Kindle App :

Kindle app is an application/software which lets you to read kindle books on android devices , PCs , Apple laptops , I-phones . You don’t need to buy Amazon kindle to read kindle books .

There are millions of books available on kindle store . Kindle store is an online e-commerce e-book store which is managed by Amazon .

amazon kindle app

Books are available in free as well as with price tag . Most books are at cheap rates like 10 rs , 20 rs , 50 rs . It won’t be difficult for you to invest 50 Rs on good books .

As of April 2017, there are 6.9 million books are on U.S. Store . This is very huge .

There are thousands of Free kindle books available on kindle store . I will tell you each and every details how you can read free kindle books on PCs and Android Devices .

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You will find books like Godan(hindi) , Stories from Tagore , The three musketeers , Tales of 2 cities .

you will find books from popular authors like Charles Dickens , Rabindra Nath Tagore , Munshi Premchand , William Shakespear , Jayshankar Prasad and many more .

You will find books availble on hindi , English , Malyalam , Gujrati , French and many more languages . You will find many types of books , all are available on amazon .

kindle book

Go to Amazon’s Download website , choose your platform to download and install Amazon kindle app . You will find option for Android , PCs and IOs .

What you will need to access Amazon kindle books ?

1.) Android Smartphone or PC or I-phone

First thing you will need is any android smartphone , or PC or I-phone . First off all install Amazon kindle app on your device . Than follow step 2 .

2.) Amazon Account :

You have to create an amazon account . Go amazon.in or amazon.com according to your country . Than create account first .

All set . Install Kindle app and sign in using your amazon account . and Find books on amazon .

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How to find free kindle books on amazon ?

Go to amazon.in or amazon.com according to your country . Then go to Shop by Category . On top left , below amazon logo .

Click on that , you will find Kindle e-readers and e-books , click on that , you will see kindle books . Click on all kindle e-books . see pic below.

kindle free books


Now click on free e books as shown in below pic :

amazon free kindle books


If you are not able to do find , Just Type Free kindle books on Search bar , you will get the result .

Collection of books , Kindle edition 0 Rs .

Now , click on any book you want to read , For example : I have selected Sherlock holmes book , It will take to the sherlock holmes book page , make sure you have selected Kindle edition .  See Pic below .

Then , Select you device , android , PC or Cloud reader or E-reader ( amazon kindle ) . Then click on buy . This will automatically add you e-book to amazon kindle app .

Enjoy happy reading .

amazon guide

Amazon kindle App for Windows :

amazon kindle app windows

Final words  :

If you loved this post  , then comment below and don’t forget to share and if you find anything wrong about this post , then must comment . Thank you for your time and hope this article helped you .


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