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Baadshaho Movie Review : Worst film of the year (1.5/5)

baadshaho movie review

Baadshaho film released today . Baadshaho starring Ajay Devgan , Iliana D’cruz , Emraan Hasmi , Isha Gupta , Vidyut Jamwal , have  failed to impress . Movie is typical masala film with lots unusual stuff . Baadsaho shows the premise of royal family of Rajasthan . This  movie is full with craps . If you are going to watch this movie than , Check out Baadshaho movie review .

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Baadshaho Movie Review :

Baadshaho cast : Ajay Devgan , Iliana D’cruz , Emraan Hasmi , Isha Gupta , Vidyut Jamwal

Director : Milan Luthria

Rating : 1.5/5

This film is a period heist film , which shows the emergency era of 1975-1977 . There were too much political unrest in all over the country .

Maharani Gitanjali Devi (Ileana D’Cruz) from one of the Rajasthan’s Princely States has lost her all the gold , which was seized by Govt.

The story revolves around a group of thugs who decide to loot the gold confiscated from Maharani  Gitanjali, and being transported to Delhi by road.

When Maharani  needs Bhavani’s help  to save her kingdom’s undisclosed jewels from a politician reminiscent of Sanjay Gandhi.

Bhavani steps in and ropes in an expert locksmith (Sanjay Mishra) and resourceful criminal Dalia (Emraan Hashmi) for the job. Esha Gupta joins the plot to keep Dalia some company. Although she is Gitanjali’s close friend .

Major Seher Singh (Vidyut Jammwal) who the government has appointed  to drive the heavily-armored  monster truck full of jewels from Rajasthan to Delhi.

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There are few dialog which are very good . Songs are also good . There are many dull moments in the film . Milan Lutharia tried to do some Ocean’s Eleven type , but he completely failed to do so .

Nonstop action scenes lets the movie even more dull , this thriller movie is without thrill . Baadshaho will taste the patience of audience.

still from baadshao     credit : T-series

Ajay devgan always do his best in this kind of role , where are sanjay misra and Emran Hasmi light up the screen . they share comedy scenes . Iliana did good job , Esha completely failed to impress . Vidyut did decent job .

If you are ajay devgan fan than its must watch for you guys , other star fans you can save your money else you can waste too . its choice . No more spoilers .

Baadshaho Trailer :

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