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Best Website to earn money online | Must Visit these website

earn money online

Internet is very big place to depend on everything . It can provide everything From Food to Job . In this article , i am going to tell you about some website , from where you can earn money . There are many surveying websites , PTC websites , i am not going to tell you about these shit websites . I am telling you about real money , from where you can depend to live . Best websites to earn money online . Everything is going to digital . Earn from home , anytime anywhere . I have already written an article on Several ways to make money online .

Best Website to earn money online

There are many websites from where you can easily make money . You have to build talents first , if you don’t have talents than you have to make one . Internet is big place . Without talent , you can do nothing , with talent you can do anything .

1.) Fiverr :



Fiverr is one of the biggest marketplace for freelancers . If you have talent than you can easily earn money from 1,000$ to 100,000$ a year .

Base price is 5$ . It is simple and easy to use . It ensures you to get paid before you complete your work . Complete your work and get paid easily .

Graphics design , Programming , Make presentation for others , create blog content for others , create blog title , Make Blog photos , Make YouTube thumbnail , Make WordPress website , Write content for others , Provide translation , Voice overs , Music video .

You will find more than 100 type of freelancing job available here . It is one the best method to earn money online .

Go to Fiver website , Create your Portfolio , Provide each and every detail , Provide your own pic , Each details should be with right information .

Create your first Gig ( under selling section ) . Gig is term used to create your work . What you can do here . For example , if you are WordPress designer than write what you can do , and what will be your charges .

Start with small and enjoy .


Upwork :



Upwork is also a freelancing website . You can earn money by working as freelancer . Sign up and make your profile professional .

Get paid for your work .

You can make mobile apps for others , website for others , You can market others product and many more . Check out all the details on Upwork website . Upwork is one of the best website to earn money online .


3. ) Amazon :


Amazon is one the biggest place to earn money . Amazon is one of the biggest shopping company in the world . Amazon provides affiliate marketing to earn money . Use Amazon affiliate marketing to earn money . In this article how to earn money through Amazon affiliate marketing , I have explained everything in detail .

You don’t need website to sell amazon product . You can sell amazon product directly via email , twitter or Facebook . you can create a Facebook page and share Product link , whenever someone buys from your link , you will earn money .

You can also share amazon affiliate link on Twitter or Instagram .

You will need right marketing methods to sell amazon product . Tell people about that product and give review of that product . Simple .

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4.) Freelancer

Freelancer job

Freelancer  provides you freelancing jobs . you can work from home. This is different with Upwork and fiverr . You can make projects here and sell . Create a new project and give that project on auction . if someone buys it than you will have money .

Don’t worry about your profession  , if you are mechanical engineer or civil engineer or Electrical engineer , there is work for you here . You can work too here .  see pic below .

There are small jobs , large jobs . you can charge for per hours or you can have fixed price . You have your own choice . This is one of the best website to earn money online . Check this website fast .

Post your project ,It’s always free to post your project. Invite  freelancers to submit bids, or browse relevant freelancers and make an offer. You’ll have replies to your job within minutes . Cool .

You can also hire freelancers to make your project , or someone will hire you to make their projects . You can find local jobs too .


Write content , Make business plans , Business analysis , Make websites , IT softwares and many more . If you have talent than this website is must .

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5.) Dream 11 :

dream 11

Dream 11  is betting website . I have already written an article on this Website . Dream 11 is a fantasy website , where you can play cricket , Football , Kabaddi online .  Article available on how to play dream 11  and earn millions of money .

You need to know about cricket , Football and kabaddi players more . You can easily earn money . If you have good talent on cricket than you can easily earn 10000 , 20000 , 30000 per match easily .

Dream 11 is completely legal . Create your team , choose your captain and vice captain and play hard .

Dream 11 is also available on Play store and apple store .

Final words :

There are many more Websites such PTC websites , Bitcoin websites , Surveying website , Youtube , Flipkart . From these website you can also earn money . YouTube also requires special talent . If you find anything wrong about this post than please comment . if you liked this post than comment and share on twitter and facebook .


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