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How to delete Google Search History and You tube search history | Important

You  visit google everyday , do you think , how to delete google search history ? or delete  YouTube search history ? Are you trying to find the way to delete google search history ? or YouTube search history  . I am going to tell you about this today’s article . How you can delete your google search history and YouTube search history .Fear not , read this article .

We always search so many things on google and we watch so many things on YouTube . Some times we search for sexy things on google and also on YouTube and we don’t want anyone to see our google search history or YouTube Search History . so we want to delete it . You may have search of some images , Videos and many more things .

Whenever Someone searches from your computer , they know that you have searched for certain things , they see full sentences , you may feel embarrassing .

Any one can easily know what videos you have watched and what you searched on google .

So , we can use Google account settings to delete Google search history and YouTube search history . All the history is kept on your google account , if you are logged in . You can delete all your search history .

How to Delete Google search history and YouTube search history ?

From this method , you can delete search history of YouTube , Google maps , Google Voice etc . You can remove every history . You have select which one you are going to remove .

Step 1 : 

You need to log in to your google account , from which you access YouTube , Gmail and Other google services .  Log in to your google account .

Go to google and click on sign in Option on top right corner . ( Mobile view is very different . )


Now , click on Grid like structure  9 dot , beside sign in button . Than go to my Account . See pic below .

Google account


step 2 : 

Go to my activity

After you logged in to your google account , Scroll down and  you will see ” My Activity ” option , Under Personal Info and privacy .

Under My activity option ,  click on ” Go to my activity ”  .  See above pic  .




Step 3 : 


Now you can see in Image that  , how many items you searched and where you searched . Scroll down to see many more searched history , you can directly delete from there , click on three dot , and click delete .  you can delete custom too .

On the left side you can see ” Delete by Activity ” , Click on that .

You can also delete Any recent search history , one by one , see below pic .

Delete one by one

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Step 4 : 

Delete search history


You can choose , what to delete , from when to delete . Delete activity by topic or product , you can choose custom date  . You can delete your search history , YouTube history and chrome history , video search , image search and many more .

Select any date , you will have choice . You can delete your products such as Youtube search history or book search history or Ad history and many more . At last click on Delete button to delete google search history .

Delete YouTube History | From YouTube

This is method is only for YouTube , You can delete YouTube History by this method easily . This is custom method , You can use it or the above one .

step 1 : Go to your YouTube account , log in .

step 2 : On the left side , below Library section , You will see History section . See pic below .

Youtube History

Step 3 :  After clicking on History , On the right side , you will see , your watch history , your YouTube search history ,  your comments .

Click on YouTube search history or YouTube Watch history , and click on clear search history or watch history . See pic below .

Click on any one , watch history or search history and click on Clear all watch history or Clear all search history . Thats it .

You can also pause your watch history . This won’t keep record of your YouTube watch history , whatever you watch on YouTube , this won’t keep track .

You can also see your comments , on which video you have commented . All in one place .



Final Words :

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