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How to disable Facebook auto play video | Must see

disable facebook auto play video

Facebook is one of the most popular social media websites in the universe .  You must know the importance of Facebook , This is very easy to operate and it can connect with anyone easily . Facebook is useful tool for promoting any business . In this article i am going to tell you how you can disable Facebook auto play video .

It’s video loads automatically . If you have fast internet , you may see this feature . Whenever you open Facebook and scroll down , you see , video plays automatically . This feature annoys everyone .

If you are using Jio network , you get only 1 GB/per day , when you use Facebook, you loose lots of data . This is frustrating for most of the user . So learn to disable Facebook auto play video .

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How to disable Facebook auto play video

So , if you want to get relief from this auto play video feature of Facebook , this method will definitely going to help you . It’s simple trick and its not permanent , you can change this setting any time you want .

Step 1 :

Log in to your Facebook account .

step 2 : 

After Log in to your account , Go to settings of your Facebook account . Click on down arrow on the top right . Click on the arrow , you will see different different options , you have to click on Settings .

facebook auto play video


step 3 : 

After going to settings , you will many options like general settings , Privacy and security , Apps , Timeline and tagging , and many more settings .

Click on Videos , on the bottom left of screen .facebook video settings

step 4 : 

After clicking on Video  , you will go to  Video settings . You will see many different option . You will see Facebook auto play video option .

On the right side of it , click and turn off . This will disable Facebook auto play video .

facbook video setting

This was easy , You can easily turn off and turn on , Facebook auto play video . Use this method to disable Facebook auto play video .

Now , don’t be annoyed , go to settings and change video settings .

Go to Facebook help center.

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On Android Phones :

Method is similar in Android apps too , Open Facebook application , Go to menu button , go to settings , find video settings and then disable Facebook auto play video .

You won’t find any difficulty in changing option in mobile . All settings are same , just their looks are different .

Final Words:

Hope this article helped you a lot . Share and comment on this article . If you find anything wrong , feel free to post on comment and you can e-mail . Thank you .



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