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Google Alerts | You must know about it and its Benefits

Google alerts

Google Alerts is one of the most versatile online tools , but it is known by very few . Google provides many online tools such google docs , google Adsense , Google Adwords , google news , google maps and many more . It allows you to set alerts of specific keywords , set alerts to specif people’s news . If you are a blogger or pro internet user who wants all the news in one time , Google alerts is for you .  you can keep track of specific keyword . You don’t need to search to that keyword again , google will search for you and will give you notification about that keyword .

What is google alerts ?

Google alert is online software of google that alerts you whenever new news comes  . It gives you notification whenever new news comes out . It is like customized search , that delivers search result to you automatically .

For example : You want news on technology , So whenever in the world , there is an update about technology you will get news about that .  How cool it is !!

Another example : Suppose you want to get news of Specific people like Shah Rukh Khan , Bill Gates , or any person , You will be notified whenever their news comes in . Google will set alert for you .

Google keeps the update of everything happens online , set you keyword to get alert .

How to set up Google alerts ?

First off all you need to log in to your gmail account .

Go to website Google alerts  or just type google alerts on google , you will first 1-2 result is of Google alerts .

You will see the following Pic after going to Google alerts website .

Google alerts


On the search bar , search for anything . For example , you want to get news about Narendra Modi  and you want to monitor about him all the time .

Type Narendra Modi on search bar .  You will option of create alert , Show options and News preview . You will see latest news .  See the following pic .

google alerts preview


Click on show options , to get more options and to manage google alerts .

You can set alerts , when you want , Whenever news happens , or once a day  or once a week . choose your language , English , Hindi , French . etc .

Choose region , country . If you want the best result , google will provide you that , if you want all the details ,google will also provide you that . This is great .

Choose your email or you can get notification via RSS feed .

Then click create alert , your alert will be created .   see the pic below .


Click on Create Alert , your alert will be created , now you can get news whenever news comes comes out .


You can manage you alerts whenever you want . click on Edit symbol and you can edit it . If you dont want your alert than click on delete button , your google alerts will be deleted .

Oh wait ….

One more thing …

When you want your alert to come ? in the morning or noon or at night ?  You can set that too , if you are too busy , you can set your schedule for Alerts .

Click on setting sign on the right side of alerts , At the top of all the alerts . see pic below .

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Arrow is pointed to that setting button , click on that you will come to following page . See following page .

You can set you daily time or you can get digest , for once a  week or once a day all the news .  Choose whatever you want .

delivery time google alerts


Everything is set , enjoy your google alert service . you can get news of anything .Try it , its very useful tool .

What are the benefits of Google Alerts ?

1.) You don’t have to search for one query again and again , set alert at once , you will get daily updates .

2.) If you are a blogger and you want to keep track of every specific keyword than , It is beneficial for you .

3.) Your Precious time will be saved .

4.) You will get information about news product launch , whenever there is product launch .

5.) You will get job information , Job information is very important for Youths .

Final Words :

I hope this article helped you a lot , If anything is wrong in this post or anything should be updated please feel free to comment . Your comment is always appreciated  . Share this post if you like this .

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