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Hottest Indian Female YouTuber | You must know about

hottest indian female youtuber

YouTube is one of the best platform to showcase talent and earn lots of money . Girls are not far behind , they use YouTube as the hobby and profession . Female YouTubers generally post about Beauty tips , Fitness, Reactions , Cooking , Acting . There are many  Indian female YouTubers are present in YouTube, But these Hottest Indian Female YouTuber will definitely make you fall in love with them . Check out the list .

Hottest Indian Female YouTuber

1.) Sapna Vyas Patel :

sapna Vyas patel

Sapna Vyas Patel is a doctoral student and a Reebok Certified Fitness Professional. Using her experience and knowledge, so far she has helped over 5000 people through Facebook in reaching their fitness goal without charging a single penny.

. She is one of the most beautiful YouTuber , you will ever see . She is very hot and sexy .

She was 86 kg , when she was studying . Then she changed herself , she lost 33Kg in one year and now she inspires many people with her fitness tricks .


Sapna Vyas transformation
Pic credit : Gajahealthtips


sapna vyas patel weight loss
Credit : Gajahealth tips

She has 1.6+ Million followers on Instagram and 42 K Followers on Twitter and 240 K subscriber on YouTube and 182K followers on Facebook .

She is one of the Hottest Indian Female YouTuber .

Sapna Vyas Facebook account . Instagram Account . Twitter account  YouTube Channel  .


Watch her Videos : 


Read Sapna Vyas Patel Full Biography


2.) Meghna Kaur

Meghna Kaur

Meghna Kaur is one the most beautiful YouTuber . Her YouTube channel name is SheTroubleMaker .

She makes comedy Videos , Vlogs , Vines . She is pretty .

They hating but they taking notes

A post shared by Meghna Kaur (@shetroublemaker) on

Meghna Kaur : Instagram Account . Youtube Channel .

i listen to music more than i listen to my parents

A post shared by Meghna Kaur (@shetroublemaker) on

3.) Pardesi Girl :

Falguni Thakkar
Credit : Falguni Thakkar

I have already wrote one article on Pardesi Girl aka Falguni Thakkar . She Gives reaction and review of the trailer of Bollywood movies , Hollywood movies , BB ki Vines videos , Carry Minati Videos and many more .

She has 64.3 followers on Instagram , 216 K Subscribers on Youtube , 18K followers on Facebook .

Falguni lives in Australia , She is from Gujrat , India .

Falguni Thakkar is one of the most beautiful and hottest female Indian YouTuber .

Reaction and review of Guardians of Galaxy : Volume 2 


Reaction on One Night Stand trailer : 



irl: my "won't speak until im spoken to" game is strong af

A post shared by Falguni Thakkar (@pardesi.girl) on

4.) Anisha Dixit :

Rickshawali Anisha Dixit

Anisha Dixit aka Rickshawali is an Indo-German . She lives in Mumbai .

She makes videos about daily issues of Genral people , Indian People . She makes videos like Amercians try HINGOLI for the first time , Americans try south Indian food,  Parody Music videos , Vlogs , Funny Videos and many more .

Rickshawali has 322,912 subscribers on her youtube channel , 57.5 K followers on Instagram .

She is one of the most beautiful and Hottest female YouTuber .

Anisha Dixit Instagram account . Youtube Channel  .


Taylor Swift parody video : 


Rickshawali : Honest with your parents .




5.) Sejal Kumar :

She is a Fashion Blogger and has 335,369 subscribers as of now .  She lives in Delhi .

Sejal posts about fashion and Life Style blogs and Vlogs , Road trips , Music videos , DIY videos , Movie fashion tips .

She has 210 K Followers on Instagram .

Sejal Kumar : Instagram account . Youtube Channel


Summer is Here : Road Trips 

Goa lookBook : 

Clear skies😁

A post shared by Sejal Kumar (@sejalkumar1195) on


6.) Shirley Setia : 

Shirley Setia
Credit : Shirley Setia

She is one of the Cutest and Hottest  Female Indian YouTuber . Shirley is playback singer and  sings all the new songs and old songs .

Shirley is an indo-kiwi , Born in Daman (India ) . She found her passion in Music and started singing in her YouTube channel .

She has total of 1.5 million subscriber as of now and 2 Million followers on Instagram .  She is growing very fast .

Shirley Setia Instagram Account . Youtube Channel .

Sanam Re : 


#ShirleyTravels 🗺 📷: @chetanmorajkar

A post shared by Shirley (@shirleysetia) on

🗺 #ShirleyTravels

A post shared by Shirley (@shirleysetia) on

Final Words :

These girls are one of the most beautiful and hottest Indian female YouTuber . If you find anything wrong , please comment . If you loved this , than like , comment and share . If you have any name to mention , please give that name in comment . Thank You .


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