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What is quora ? Why Should you join Quora ? Must read for everyone

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In my article Top Question Answer websites , I have mentioned quora in first place . In this article i will tell you in detail about Quora , What is quora ? why should you join quora ? What are the benefits of joining quora ? I will tell you everything in detail . Quora is considered as one of the best websites in the internet available right now . Read all the details below .

What is Quora ?

Quora is a question and answer website , where people ask question and get answer . Quora is one of the largest community of Q & A websites .

People can answer question , ask any question , they can suggest editing , they can up vote answer if the answer is satisfying , they can downgrade answer if answer is not up to the mark .

You have to register to ask question and write answer and to do everything on Quora .

If you have knowledge , then you can write answer . People can follow you if your Answers are accurate . This is plus point of quora .

Join Quora


Quora’s headquarter is situated in mountain view California and run by Quora inc. Quora was founded in june 2009 and made public on 21 june 2010 . It is available in 5 languages English , French , Spanish , German , Italian . 

Two former facebook employees Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie Cheever  created Quora . Their aim was to give proper answer to people who can not find answer on the internet .

Quora is written in Python and C++ .

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Why should you join quora ?

1.) Quora is one the best websites for asking question .

2.) You can give answer to any question . You will be popular on Quora if your answers are accurate and full with quality .

3.) You will improve your writing skills .

4.) You can pass your time , by reading funny stories of people , this will help you to pass time as well as learn something new .

5.) Your vocabulary will increase , if you read daily on Quora and write answers on quora , your  vocabulary will increase .

6.) If you are blogger or youtuber  , you can give links to your website/youtube video to related answers .

7.) You can find new topic for your website article , if you are a newbie in blogging .

8.) By answering questions , you will be master at your subject . Your knowledge will increase .

How to join quora ?

1.) Go to quora webiste 

2.) You can sign up using Facebook or Google or by Email . See following pic .

join quora


3.) Choose option between Continue with google and continue with Facebook  . If you don’t have any of these then choose option continue with email . If you don’t have any of these , please create google account or any email account .

4.) Fill all your details , such as Your  college/school details ,   job details , your topic details , make your profile full of quality .

5.) After filling all the details , You are free to answer any question and you can ask any question .

Final words :

Quora is awesome website , you must visit regularly , you must join quora . This will benefit you . If you find anything wrong about this post , please comment and don’t forget to share this article on facebook and  twitter . I hope this article helped you .

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Well noted. All points are very useful in quara.

Alisha Roy

Got a very helpful imformation about quora.Thanks for sharing and also keep on posting.

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