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Everything you should know about Pardesi Girl | Falguni Thakkar

Falguni Thakkar

After Jio came to Power , every indian is using internet , specially youtube . People are spending a lot of time on youtube . You may have heard of Pardesi Girl aka Falguni Thakkar . You may have seen her on youtube giving reaction on youtube .Pardesi girl is a youtuber . In this article i will tell you everything about Pardesi girl . Read the whole article about Pardesi girl . Everything you should know about Pardesi girl .

Who is Pardesi Girl ?

Pardesi girl aka Falguni Thakkar is an indian Youtuber , who currently lives in Australia . She has youtube channel by the name of Pardesi girl .

Go to Pardesi Girl Youtube channel .

She uploads reaction videos of Bollywood film , Hollywood film , she also gives reviews of certain films . Most of the time she uploads reaction videos of BB ki Vines , Carry Minati .

Falguni  became popular when she was making reaction videos on BB ki vines , After some time Carry Minati Roasted her . She became famous . She is very hot and beautiful . See pics .

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Falguni Thakkar
credit : Pardesi Girl


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Go to Falguni Thakkar Instagram Account . Follow her .

Go to Pardesi Girl Twitter account .

go to Facebook Account .

Everything you should know about Falguni Thakkar :

She is from Gujrat India , She currently lives in Australia .

20 year old Pardesi girl has total of 214K subscriber as of now . She became popular very fast . In earlier youtube videos she was giving tips about beauty products and review about beauty products .

As time passed she started giving reactions to the Bollywood trailers as well as well Hollywood trailers . Her reaction on BB ki vines got the maximum number of views .

Falguni has 63.7 K followers on Instagram .

She joined youtube on 17th october 2013. Her youtube channel has total of 21,245,204 views .

Superwoman  is her inspiration .  Superwoman is  not wife of superman , she is also a youtuber . She is famous all around the world .  Superwoman is also her favorite channel .

She has collaborated with Nazar Battu . Watch the video below .

Most of her fans are horny . They only watch her videos to see her cleavage . yeah , its true .

Pardesi Girl Cleavage


Few Videos of Falguni Thakkar :

 Reaction videos on BB ki Vines :


Reaction on Carry Minati Videos :


Reaction on Ashish Chanchlaani Vines :

Movie reactions :


Carry Minati Roasted her :



I hope in future , she become  bollywood actress . I really like her , she is very beautiful . and at last i want to say , if you find any error in this post , please comment and share this post . Thank you . and i want to say that she is very cute .


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