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learn website development online for free | Must watch

learn website development online

Now a days website development is trending everywhere . Web development job is at boom . Almost everyone wants to make their own website . so they go to coaching centres and they invest lots of money . In this article i am going to tell you about ” Learn Website development online for completely free ” . You don’t need to go to coaching centres or any other classes . You will easily learn web design , web development from online web design school . There are lots of web design classes available online . You will get awesome web design tutorial , web development tutorial . 

learn website development online for free

There are lots of website available on internet where you can easily learn web design , web development , With in 3 months , you will be pro web application developer . All you can learn these for free . So explore more about Website development . Teach yourself web development .

1.) W3Schools :


W3schools is one of the best website where you can learn website development and design for free. There are many courses available on this website .

This website also gives web design degree . Learn any online web development courses and get the degree. For the degree you will need money .

There are lots of courses available on this website such as HTML , CSS , Javascript , PHP , Jquery , Node.js , Angular Js  , SQL , JSON , AJAX , ASP .

You will learn about website design by HTML , CSS , Bootstrap , Javascript , Jquery , AJAX . You will able to create awesome website themes , cool website design , from these languages .

W3shools is one of the best websites to learn webdevelopment online for free .

You will be able to develop database for your website or client’s website by using PHP , ASP , Node.JS , SQL .

W3schools provides online editor , where you can write and edit your code . It provides practice lessons . This website gives  all the details for making a website .

You will get online certificates for learning these online web development classes . You will get certificates for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, jQuery, Bootstrap and XML .

Follow this website , you will be a website developer in 2-3 months . Practice is must .

2.) YouTube

YouTube is great source of information . You will find free online programming courses . There are lots of YouTube Channel .

Some of the YouTube Channel are The New Boston , Programming Knowledge , Traversy Media, .

Use your own mind and find awesome tutorials on YouTube . The New Boston is one of the best YouTube Channel for Programming . You can easily learn Javascript , HTML ,CSS , PHP and many more .

Explore YouTube for more information .

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3.) Coursera :


Coursera is premium website , you can buy any courses on coursera . This is one of the best website for online web development classes .

You will find courses of Javascript , CSS , HTML , PHP , Python and thousands more courses . All the courses are premium . I am going to tell you , how you can apply for free .

First off all search for your desired online course . For example , you want to learn Javascript , so search for javascript and click on that . You will see the all the details of that course .


Now , on the left side , you will see Enroll button , Below that You will see Financial Aid is available for learners who cannot afford the fee. Learn more and apply . 

Click on learn more and apply . This will take 15 days to verify .  Fill the form very carefully , upload your Govt ID and give all the correct information .

Coursera Financial Aid
Coursera Financial Aid .

You can learn any course on this website . This is one of the best website to ” Learn website development online ” .Coursera provides web design university courses , Web development university courses , Many university lectures are available on this amazing website .


4.) Code Academy :

Code academy


Code Academy is free as well as premium . You can easily learn website development on this website . Code Academy Provides online web design courses , such as HTML , Javascript , CSS , PHP , Responsive design and many more .

Apart from web development you can also lean software development . Code Academy provides 1000s of courses .  You can upgrade to pro for more online courses .

Code Academy is one of the best website to learn website development online . Don’t just sit around , take a look .

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5.) Tutorials Point :

Tutorials point

Tutorials Point is for everyone . Not only for programmer but for students who prepare for exams like UPSC , 12th exam , Business Classes and many more .

Tutorials are available in text , books and also in videos , There are thousands of courses available on Tutorials Point .

You will get online IDE , Embed codes , There are 100s of Online compilers and Interpreters , this makes , Tutorials Point is one of the best websites to learn website development online for free .

tutorials point best


Learn any Programming Language for free , Practice online without any trouble , this website provides Everything .( Must Visit this site )

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6.) Udacity :



Udacity is one of the best best who provides Free Courses online . It  is free as well as paid website . This website provides Online courses at cheapest rate . You will love this website .

For Free Courses , Go to Udacity website ,Click on free courses , Click on web development and learn web development .

You will find Front End web development , Back end web development and many more . Free course list are very small but you will learn from them effectively .

udacity free course

7.) Microsoft Virtual Academy :

Microsoft Virtual Academy


Microsoft is one of the biggest tech giant in the world . This is brand , no one can deny the fact . Microsoft has Microsoft Virtual Academy , which provides online web development classes .

Learn From experts of Microsoft .  You will learn C# , HTML , CSS , Javascript . Game development and many more.

Microsoft Virtual Academy provides Cloud Development , Database Development , Mobille App Development . It also provides Visual Studio , where you can practice coding .

Along with Free online courses , It also provides Free Books , Live events and many more .

Free books microsoft


Microsoft Virtual Academy is best for students , It provides Study material , It provides Certificates to students after completing any course . Certificate from Microsoft is always the best .

It is the best website to learn website development online for free . Explore more , go to Microsoft virtual academy website . 

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Final Words :

There are lots of website where you can learn website development online , but all websites are not free . These website include Lynda , Udemy , EDX etc . They are good . You can check out these Websites too .

If you find anything wrong in this article please feel free to write in comment . If you liked this post than comment , and share this article . Thank You . and happy learning .

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