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Top most useful websites | You must know about it

most useful websites

Top most useful websites : In the Internet there are so many useful website available , we don’t know yet . These websites help us do our daily tasks , they solves our problems . Websites always helps us . Downloading websites , Learning websites , Earning websites .

I  have found these websites , these are most useful websites , you must know about it .

I have written about lots of website in this website , all the websites are very good . Check out all best websites i have updated . 

Top most useful websites :

1.) 10 Minute mail :

10 minute mail

This website will give you an email address for 10 minutes . You can give this e-mail address to any one to get any message .

10 minute mail is one of the most useful websites , this helps in preventing spams . for example : you want some confidential data , and you don’t want to give your personal e-mail address , go this website , you will have new temporary e-mail address , use this email ,  you will get , all the message there .

Where will my mail come ?

Your mail will come to that website only . Don’t close your browser or tab of the browser . Just refresh it . if someone sent you any message , refresh it , you will get e-mail .

10 minutes mail


2.) Login 2 me :

log in 2 me

login 2 me is one of the most useful websites  in the internet . you will get log in for almost almost all the websites . You will get log in id and password for almost all the website on the internet .

For example : type URL   facebook.com   , and click on get , you will get user id and password .

log in 2 me

Most of the time you will get email id  blocked or disable or they changed their password . If email id and password is not working then click on Not working , show more .

You can type any website, it has log in details of almost all the website . check for fun . Open in Private window mode . 

3.) Privnote :


privnote is one of the most useful websites available in the internet . This website helps to create note that note self destructs after reading .

Create note , they will give you a link to send to someone . Send this link to any one you want .

privnote link ready


This link will self destruct whenever someone read this note , after some time , this link will not work any more .


privnote read and destroy


After reading the note , the note will be destroyed automatically . This is one of the most useful websites in the internet . Check out this website .

privnote destroyed

4.) MIT App Inventor :

MIT app inventor

This websites helps to create android apps without knowledge of programming . Most useful websites to those , who want to create their android apps but have no programming skills .

This is most useful websites in the internet . You will be amazed .

You can make application here , you will get tutorials ( how to make application ) , You can teach here , you will get forum .

MIT app inventor

5.) DuckDuckGo



DuckDuckGo is a search engine that does not track you . You can search anything on the internet , i won’t keep track you .  whatever you search , it will be anonymous .

Whenever you search in google or bing , they keep tracks of you . Whatever you do , they keep track . I have already wrote an article about how to delete your search history of google search engine ,

.. But DuckDuckGo never tracks your search . Give it a try .

6.) Just delete me

delete my account

This website will delete you from all social media platform . You will get deleted from all the social media platform .

There are more than 100 website available on this site . You can delete any account you want (If you have account) .

For example : you want to delete your facebook account and you don’t know , how to delete , Go to this website , your account will be deleted . Account deletion will ask for confirmation . so don’t worry about that .  I clicked on facebook , and this happened . ( Pic below ) .

delete facebook

7.) Fake name generator :

fake name generator

Fake name generator will help to generate fake names and details . If you don’t want to disclose your identity , than this website is pretty useful for you .

You can choose your country ( limited ) , name set ( such as american or asian or african or according to country ) .

Fake name generator will provide your father’s name , Mother’s name , your birth date , email address . every thing fake .

Use this website to create facebook , twitter , instagram account . People will think you are real .

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8.) Virus total : 

Virus Total

Virus total scans files you upload on this website . you can check for virus in this website . Upload any file and check for viruses . This is one of the most useful websites .

Provide URL to check for viruses . I tried this with google and google got clean chit .

google total virus

Final words :

There are lots of website available on the internet which are very useful . I have already wrote so many articles on websites , they are most useful websites . such as learn photoshop online , Learn Website development online  .

I will search internet again and i will definitely post more and more about useful websites . If you have any name ,write down in comment section and if you find anything wrong  don’t forget to comment .

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