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Top question answer websites You must know about

top question answer websites

Internet is huge resource to gain knowledge and share knowledge . You can get any information on internet ,But there are some situation when you will not be able to find answers to your questions , Your question may require some expertise to answer , so worry not there are some websites on the internet which present answer according to your question  . Here are top question answer websites you must know . These websites are very informative , you can learn many things from these website .

Top question answer websites :

1.) Quora :

Quora is a question and answer website , where you can ask any question . You can search question and if you are an expert , you can give answer .

Quora was founded in 2009 but made available to public on June 21 2010 .  Quora is one of the most trusted website for Question and Answer category . You will really be amazed after you  join Quora .

You can read many funny answers , motivated stories , answers from CEOs and many expert .

Answers are up voted by users , if you don’t like the answer you can down vote the answer and give reason  “why you down voted ” . You can also comment to any answer , if you want any correction than you can also suggest that .

Quora is awesome .

join quora

Join Quora  , Click here .

2.) Yahoo ! Answers :

yahoo ! Answers is one of the top question answer websites , you will see on the internet . It is the one of the biggest community .

There are millions of users and thousands of questions are answered daily . You can ask any question , Relating to science tech , Health , Motivation , Fitness , Arts  , English and many more .

Answers are rated by visitors , best answers will get highest position .

yahoo answers

Join Yahoo ! Answers

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3.)  Blurt it

You can ask any question without registering it . You have to check on “ask anonymously” to ask without register . You can also give answers . To give answer and view answer you have to sign up . There are total of 173 K + questions on Blurt it .

Ask any question and enjoy the service .

blurt it

Join Blurt it .

4.) Wiki Answers : Answers.com

Wiki Answers has huge database of question and answers . There are record number of categories available on this website . Huge number of categories are available to make search easy .

On the home page you can post question and you can also see many questions and answers to that questions ..

Most question’s answers are moderated , so you will get relevant answers . You can also answer to other questions .

You can see many unanswered questions , if you want to give answer than you can give answer .

Wiki answers is now changed to answers.com . Go to Answers website .

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5.) FunAdvice :

Funadvice is unique Question Answer website . When you ask question  , all related answers are available instantly . You can also answer any question .

You can not answer according to your choice , they will provide you live question , you have to answer that quickly or pass that question .

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Final Words on Top question answer websites :

There are many more websites available on the internet  such as Ask Deb , The answer Bank , able to know  , to answer your question , there are many forum where you can ask question and give answer .

But according to me these websites are better . So if you find any type of error please write in comment and share and don’t forget to join our newsletter .



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