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Google Hidden games you must know about

Google is big search engine , this is not just a search engine , its time pass too . If you are bored and don’t know what to do online . Try these google hidden games , you will be amazed to play these kind of games .

These games are not highly graphically advanced game , but these games are enjoyable . you will find these games fun , when you are bored . Try these games you will be amazed .

You may have heard of these games or it is possible that you have played too . Check out list of Google hidden games .

Google Hidden Games

Pac-man :


You may have played this famous game . Google provides this game , you can play online . Just type Pac-man and see what comes out . You will be surprised .

Type pac-man and click on ” Click to play ”  .  See the image below . pac-man.

After clicking on ” Click to Play ” , you will be able to play Pac-man game . Enjoy this famous game.

Flight simulator :

You can fly airplane with this game . This is pretty funny game . You may have dream of flying an aircraft , but you may think it is not possible , well it is possible in Google Earth .

Download and Install Google Earth .  After installing Google Earth , go to tools and Enter Flight Simulator .

Enter Flight Simulator

After clicking on Enter Flight Simulator , you will come to another page , where you can choose your flight type and location of airport .

enter flight simulator

Choose your flight type , Choose your airport then click Start Flight . Try flying with Ctrl button and alt button on keyboard .

This is very interesting game , you will see different locations of the world and see where your plane goes .

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Google Snake Game :

You have played this game on your old  mobile .You can play this game , Type Google Snake game and click on first website that comes .

Its old google doodle , where you can play snake game .

google snake game

This is very interesting game , you can play when you are bored on internet . Try now.

T-Rex Run :

I have written an article on google chrome tricks , Where i mentioned about T-Rex Run . When you internet is not working , you can play T-Rex Run . This game is interesting as well as challenging .

You have to survive by jumping . Play this game , this is fun.

T-rex run

Atari Breakout :

Go to google images , search Atari Breakout . You have played this game thousand times , now you can play when you are bored on internet .

Go to google images type Atari Breakout , game will come out .


atari breakout

Enjoy this game .

These are 5 Google hidden games , you may not know about . few games you have played but try all the games when you are bored or just you can try for fun . Internet is big place to find awesome things , use your head and enjoy the internet .

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