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Recover deleted Facebook posts ( Image, Video and Messages )

Recover deleted Facebook posts : This is Facebook trick , you must know . Many people wonder when they delete their Facebook post ,like Video , Images, messages , but they don’t know how to recover them .

In this post , i am going to tell you in detail , how you can recover deleted Facebook posts . Its Facebook feature , most people don’t know about .

Read whole post, i will guide to get back to your Facebook posts .

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Recover deleted Facebook posts : Images , Videos, Messages with date

Follow my easy steps to get back your deleted Facebook posts . Recover all the Facebook data , Facebook profile data and many more.

How to recover deleted Facebook posts , easy guide : –

Step 1 : Log in to your Facebook account first . Enter your email or phone number then password .

facebook log in

Step 2 : Go to Account settings , Click on down arrow button , on the right side . see image below

facebook account settings

Step 3 :  After you have clicked on settings , You will come to by Default to Account Settings . Now click on Download a copy of your Facebook data .

general account settings

Step 4 :  After clicking on the link , Download a copy , you will come to other page , where you will be able to download archive of your Facebook data . Click on the Start my Archive  button , you have to enter your facebook password to download .

start my archive

After you will click on Start My Archive , a pop up window will open , to request download of your  Facebook data .

Request my download

Click on Start My Archive here , you will have to Enter your Facebook password to Download a copy of your Facebook data .

Step 5 : They will send email , wait for some minute or hour . Facebook will make archive of your all the data ( Posts , Videos , Images , Messages ) . Facebook will send zip file where you can recover Facebook posts .

Step 6 : Facebook will send email , click on that email and click on the link in the mail . Facebook will give a link to download your Facebook data . Click on the link given below.

recover facebook posts
Click on the link given in this E-mail ( Check your email )

Step 7 :  After clicking on the link , you will be able to download Facebook data . See the image below. Click on Download  Archive .

download ready

Click on Download Archive , Enter your password , then click on submit , your Facebook data will be downloaded .


Step 8 : Extract the zip file in your computer . You will see Your Videos , Images , Messages . Now search for your deleted images , and recover deleted Facebook posts . You can recover Facebook videos , images and messages .

recover facebook posts
all the videos , images , messages available

Click on index , to see all the details of yours , or you can see individually all the videos and photos . Find your deleted Facebook posts and recover them .

Warning :  Don’t share your Facebook archive data with any one . All the data are available on the Archive . Beware !

Final notes :

If This post helped you then , Don’t forget to share and comment , if this post has any wrong info , Please feel free to comment and email .




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