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Facebook’s employee creates unofficial Wikipedia for Dark web

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Facebook’s employee creates unofficial Wikipedia for Dark web : Wikipedia is biggest source of information in internet , it has everything from Technology to Art to Mathematics to Biology , you will get everything .

Some countries like turkey have blocked the usage of Wikipedia in April and rejected an appeal when Wikimedia Foundation refused to play ball with the government , part of its wider effort to silence online dissent . [ Source : Engadget ]

Thankfully , there is new dark web version of Wikipedia , hopefully government can’t track . It operates on dark web .

Alec Muffett has created the dark web version of Wikipedia .  See his twitter post .

Facebook’s employee creates unofficial Wikipedia for Dark web

Muffett is a former Facebook security engineer created this experimental Wikipedia service on the dark net . It is accessible through the Tor Browser, which hides everything , government can’t keep track of you , when you use Tor .

It uses its own onion service to safely encrypt all the traffic while user surfs Wikipedia website .

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Muffet also launched onion service for Facebook in 2014 and released the open source Enterprise Onion Toolkit (EOTK ).

While visiting Wikipedia onion site , users may see warning as it uses self-signed certificates . In that case , users will have to manually white list the address. It is read only service because its unofficial Wikipedia yet .



Onion Wikipedia is unofficial  because it is not affiliated with the Wikimedia foundation .It is possible that , Muffet will only keep the Wikipedia onion service online for few days as a proof of concept and foundation for Wikipedia  .

I hope It continues its service .

Unofficial Wikipedia’s onion link : https://www.qgssno7jk2xcr2sj.onion/ 

Open it in Tor Browser , It will warn you , Ignore security , White list this site . and enjoy .

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