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5 Powerful Free photo editing software | For making awesome images

Best Free Photo editing software

5 Powerful Free photo editing software :  We all want to use professional photo editing software like Photoshop  but we can not because of money and they have very high settings , which are only understood by reading books .

Professional software consume too much memory of your computer , this makes computer slower . To know them , we must spend time on studying them . After that you will become Photoshop wizard . I have posted about learn Photoshop online for free , you can learn Photoshop by following this article .

This post is about Powerful Free photo editing software , so wait not and read about photo editing tools .

5 Powerful Free photo editing software

These software will make you edit software easily , without studying , you just need to follow some steps . I hope , you will find this article helpful .


1.) Gimp :


Gimp is free and very powerful software for photo editing . You can do stuff like resizing , make new layer , cropping with ease , cut , copy , paste .

With gimp you can make awesome Logos , GIF images .

Download Gimp and enjoy editing . Its complete free of cost .



2.) Pixlr :


Pixlr is online photo editor . You can do anything to a photo . Basic photo editing to advanced photo editing . Create cool stuff with Pixlr online for free.

You will get layers , Paint tool , Writing tool , Blurr tool and every tool set to make awesome photos .

Save Pixlr pics in JPG, PNG, TTF .

pixlr recent

3.) sumopaint :


Sumopaint comes in Online photo editing tool and also in Desktop version , You can choose , how you will use this Free photo editing software as well as Pro photo editing software . This is both .

You must sign in or sign up to download this software .

I find this software is very useful in making Logos , you can make awesome logos from sumopaint . You can do all the basic editing stuff .

It has all the tools available in its bucket . Use it and tell in comment how it is .

4.) Canva :


Canva is my personal favorite online  photo editing software . This has free as well as paid editing service . It is not like other services , it is different ( recommended) .

Canva lets you edit Blog post , twitter post , Facebook post,  info graphic post , Facebook timeline and many more . They have free thousands of free templates , use them and edit them and make your photo awesome .

You can also save your photo to your Computer .

You can make your own design , with awesome fonts and so much editing stuffs . Canva is one of the best free photo editing software .

canva recent

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5.) Fotor :


Fotor is another online photo editing tool as well as for PC users . It is much more easier than Gimp . It comes under 150 MB .

You can do all the basic thing such as cropping , resizing , rotate, Curves and many more .

Image enhancements for red-eye, tone, detail (sharpness), white balance, vignette, highlight/shadows, and curve (color levels).

Laying is not allowed in fotor .

Fotor is one of the best free photo editing software available on the internet .  Download it for PC .

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