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10 best windows keyboard shortcuts | Everyone must use

10 best windows keyboard shortcuts

10 best windows keyboard shortcuts :  Whenever you lift up your hand from keyboard and you pick up mouse to do some kind of activity on your computer , you loose many times . This is where keyboard shortcuts comes . You must know how to use keyboards shortcuts .

Basic Keyboard shortcuts you know are : Ctrl + C  = Copy , Ctrl + X = Cut , Ctrl + V = Paste , Ctrl + P = Print . These are basic keyboard shortcuts , probably everyone know about it . If you don’t know , even these shortcuts , then No one can help you .

I have already posted about Computer keyboard shortcuts for internet users and also YouTube shortcuts . you must check these two . These are highly helpful if you are an internet user .  Check out below 10 best windows keyboard shortcuts .

10 best windows keyboard shortcuts :

1.) Windows key + Arrow = Window Snap

Sometimes you want to your open window to minimize or you want to keep that window in right side or in left side , to do that , you take help of the mouse , but there is keyboard shortcut for that . Hit Windows key + Left arrow , to position your window/browser/any software on the left side of the windows screen. Hit Windows key + Right arrow to position your window/browser/any software in right side  of the windows screen .

For example : Give below pic of Window positioned to left side by Windows key + Left arrow .  This is very helpful shortcut .

Hit Windows key +  Down arrow to minimize your window , and hit Windows key + Up arrow to maximize the window.

window snap windows key and left arrow
Window snap of Atom text editor : Windows key + Left arrow , window will position on the left side

2.) Shift + Arrow = Highlight text

How do you highlight your text , while working on  MS word or Libreoffice or any editor ? Do you use mouse ? Well you are not the only one .

Use Shift key + Left arrow to highlight the left side of the text , Shift key + Right arrow to highlight the right side of the text , Shift key + Up arrow to highlight the up side of the text , Shift key + Down arrow to highlight the down side of the text .

After highlighting you can copy the text , or cut the text , make bold ( Ctrl + B ) , make italic ( Ctrl + I ) , with the help of keyboard shortcut . That’s too easy .

See this pic below : 

shift and up arrow key
The above text selection is done by Shift + Up arrow key


3.) Windows key + L : Lock you PC

Whenever you want to lock you PC , do not use mouse to lock your PC , Use the key Windows key + L to lock your computer .

windows 8 login screen

4.) Shift + F7  : It opens thesaurus in Word .

Open MS word and type anything , than select any word and use  Shift + F7 key to open thesaurus ( a book that lists words in groups of synonyms and related concepts ) .

You will see the meaning of that word and synonyms on the right side . See pic below .

shift and F7 : Thesaurus in word

5.) ALT + Left Arrow : Go back in browser

What do you do , to go back in a browser ? You pick up the mouse and click on the back arrow button of the browser . After reading this article , don’t ever do that .

Hit   Alt + Left Arrow to go back to previous screen on a browser or by mistake if you went back , then hit Alt + Right Arrow to go forward .


6.) Ctrl + D : Bookmark your page

If you like reading and you want to keep any website article on your bookmark list , there is no need to click on Star  on address bar , just hit Ctrl + D , it will be easy . Bookmark option will open and you can bookmark your page.

When you will hit Ctrl + D ,, a pop up box will open , which lets you to rename , edit the current bookmark page .

bookmark current page


7 . F2 : Rename Files / Folders

What you do , when you have to rename any file / Folder ? You right click on the folder / file , then you choose rename option to rename any file or folder .

This time , use the shortcut key F2 .  Select any file or folder you want to rename , and hit F2 , After hitting F2 , you will be able to rename file . Shortcuts are very cool .  See pic below .


Rename files

8.) Windows key + Number ( 1-9) : Open programs of Taskbar .

How do you open your programs of Taskbar . you keep many shortcuts of software in Taskbar . you click on software shortcut , you want to open .

Windows key + number ( 1-9 ) will open software on the task bar . For example .  Firfox shortcut is on number 5 , to open Firefox , Hit Windows key + 5 , if Internet explorer is on number 1 position , Hit Windows key + 1 to open internet explorer .  See pic below .

Hit windows key + number key , to open respective files

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9 .) Open Task Manager : Ctrl + Shift + Esc

To open the Task manager , Right Click on Task bar then click on Open Task manager . but you can open task manager with keyboard shortcut .

Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc .  It will open the task manager . Task manager is very important tool to keep your computer fast , kill unnecessary programs to make PC run smooth , close startup program to speed up start up of PC . There are lots of use of Task manager .


task manager

10 .) Ctrl + Alt + Delete : Interrupt any program or Reboot Operating system

Ctrl+Alt+Del, sometimes seen written out as Control-Alt-Delete, is a keyboard shortcut that’s usually used to interrupt a program .

Ctrl+Alt+Del is executed by holding down the Ctrl and Alt keys together, and then pressing the Del key.

If Ctrl + Alt + Del is executed before windows, then Bios will reboot the computer . For example : You are working on bios , to change Systems settings , and if you press Ctrl + Alt + Del then it will restart .


Final Note On 10 best windows keyboard shortcuts

These shortcuts are highly helpful , Use these software whenever you use computer , It will save your time and make you smarter in front of everyone . So use these shortcuts . If you find anything wrong in this article of 10 best windows keyboard shortcuts , please comment below .

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