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How to book confirm Tatkal Ticket in 30 Seconds | Tatkal For Sure 100%

How to book confirm Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds : Tatakal ticket booking is almost impossible in India , all the tatkal tickets are booked in 2 minutes . If you are lucky then you will get your Tatkal tickets . I have already posted one article on Tatkal now extension , where you can book confirm Tatkal ticket easily .

Today in this article i am going to show you , how you can book confirm Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds . To book tatkal tickets you will need google chrome browser , where you will have to install Tatkal for sure extension .

I am going to tell you here , each and every detail about tatkal for sure extension and how you can book your confirm tatkal ticket .

How to book confirm Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds

Booking tatkal ticket is not an easy task in India . You will need high speed Internet . You will need 4G speed , because a little late , you will be very late .

Tatkal for sure
Tatkal for sure website

To book tatkal ticket go to tatkal for sure website   and click on book tatkal  or you can simply go to this address ( Tatkal for sure extension ) , this will directly take you to the google chrome extension store . You will see Tatkal for sure extension . Click on add to chrome .  


tatkal for sure extension
Tatkal for sure extension

After clicking add to chrome , this extension will be installed on your google chrome browser .

When you installed tatkal for sure extension , You will see train like structure on top-right section of google chrome ,Click on that . see pic below

After clicking on that blue train logo , there will be small window will open there , click on Generate Ticket .

generate ticket tatkal for sure


Click on Generate Ticket , You will come to another page ,  click on Create new trip . you will have to fill all the details about your train journey .

Create new trip


First off all you will have to provide your Irctc user name and password . than click on next . This will save your user name password on local machine ( your computer ) . When you will click book now , this will automatically log in to your irctc account .



After log in , you will have to enter your all the train journey detail . Train number , journey date , From where to where , Quota ( Tatkal or premium tatkal ) , Class ( Sleeper or 3AC or 2 AC or 1AC ) ,Boarding station .  fill all the details then click next .

After clicking next button , you will have to give personal details , like your name , Age , gender  , birth preference , etc . You will have to provide your mobile number .

You can also check on book ticket if confirm  , other wise don’t book .



Other details : 

other details on tatkal for sure


Don’t forget to check , book only if seats are alloted . This will save your money , if tickets are full already . Then click next button to fill rest .

Next step is very emotional , because its bank detail form , You have to select your preferable method of online transaction , You will have to enter your user name , password( Optional ) . This website claims that it is completely secure , and all the password and user name are stored on your system .

If you don’t feel secure , you can just press skip button , you have to enter your bank details , when you will have to pay ( at last ) .

Skip this section or just give details ( if you trust ) .

bank detail tatkal for sure


All set , if you press skip button , you have enter manually your bank details , during transaction . Skip it and you all set .

You have successfully filled all the data .

saved trip tatkal for sure

Main part to book confirm tatkal ticket :

Next day , when you want to book your tatkal ticket . Click on the blue train logo on top right bar , click generate Ticket , you will see your saved booked ticket, Click on book now , at 9:57 AM  or 10:57 AM . 

When you will click book now , You will see automatically log in to your irctc account , you have to only enter Captcha and nothing else .

This will save lots of data and you will get your confirm tatkal ticket .

Tatkal for sure will automatically fill all the data , you don’t have to do anything , you just have to enter Captcha once or twice and bank details . If you can type fast then you can easily get tatkal ticket .

You can book confirm tatkal ticket easily .

Final Words :

If this article helped you , then please don’t forget to share .  comment if anything you want to ask or you have complain .

Don’t forget to share and thank you for being here .

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